Life is but a puzzle . . .


It's a puzzle and a mystery.

There is a strange and constant connection between dissimilar people and places and yes, things.

Things that will wind up together and that one would never suspect could have any common ground; in essence, that these two ships that crossed in the night would work so well together.

In this case the ships are antique rhinestone brooches, and in this case, many "ships" converged to create this unsuspected unified beauty.

I love this mystery. I love this puzzle. I love that these unrelated brooches that have survived literally decades of love and wear, by many different owners, in an indeterminable geographic spanse, have wound up in my life.

What are the odds? And now they can continue on in their journey, in my journey, and your journey. Their time is not up. Their time will never be up. The mystery will continue. The puzzle progresses. . .

Eleven antique brooches and dress clips, all fully restored, all backs removed and ground smooth, all permanently hinged together.

$695 A0735 SOLD

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