Strategy R


Strategic use of Stratego.

That's my red strategy.

Signed Kay Adams, A0771
Bitz Collection, $28

Learn to Fly


Come to the edge, he said.

They said: We are afraid.

Come to the edge, he said.

They came.

He pushed them,

And they flew.

~ Guillaume Apollinaire

Signed Kay Adams, A1472
Strike Collection, $75, Sold

Ooooh Yeaahhh


You know that song from the Micheal J. Fox movie, "The Secret of My Success?"

It's by a Swiss electronica band called Yello -- it's very synthesized and different and this deep voice keeps repeating poignantly . . . . . "Oooooh Yeaahh . . ."

Baby, when I see this necklace, I hear that song.

Oooooh Yeaaahhh!

Signed Kay Adams, A1452
Lore Collection, Sold

Ice Ice Baby


Nice in this hot weather, isn't it?

Classic crystal icicle on clear crystal chain.

Ahhh --- I feel more refreshed already.

Signed Kay Adams, A0847
Limited Edition, $30

Silver Swept


Not to much.

Not to little.

Year round style.

Signed Kay Adams, B0708
Wrist Ringer Collection, $85

A Humble Old Button


The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

~ Eden Phillpotts

Signed Kay Adams, L1525
Juice Collection, $235, Sold



Warning!! Palpitations may make your heart skip a beat!

It is comprised of the following necklaces:
A1476-$195. Lux Collection (sold, please email for similar design)
A1477-$195. Lux Collection (sold, please email for similar design)
A1478-$220. Lux Collection (sold, please email for similar design)
A1479-$195. Lux Collection (sold, please email for similar design)
A1480-$220. Lux Collection (sold, please email for similar design)

Price for necklace as shown, $1,000.

Each necklace can be worn independently.

EACH ELEMENT from each necklace is detachable and can be worn independently.

Possibility for fullness or simpleness of necklace(s) are endless.

To view the individual necklaces, please search their item numbers on the site.

Signed Kay Adams, L1485
Juice Collection
, Sold

From Across the Room


Have you seen her? So fine and pretty
Fooled me with her style and ease
And I feel her from across the room
Yes, it's love in the third degree
Ooh, baby baby, Won't-cha turn your head my way?
Ooh, baby baby, Ah come on! Take a chance
You're old enough to dance the night away . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1244
Lux Collection, Sold

Buckle Up!


Buckle Up --- It's the Law.

And for good reason -- because it would be criminal to overlook these retro buckle beauties.

An oval and pearl one, two "D" shaped ones, one dark bluish stones, one clear, an abalone rectangle, one old celluloid and rhinestone, a distressed square, and a bombshell (former) circle pin in the middle.

Eclectic and mesmerizing together.

Of course each comes off to be enjoyed in it's singular beauty if that's the desire.

Either way -- Buckle UP!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1499
Lux Collection, $215, Sold

Watch. Watch. Watch. Rolex.


Of course it's not a genuine, Rolex. . . I hope, or it's gonna feel weird when I hear it was resold for megabucks.

It is fun -- four clunky chunky watches come together to make a bracelet that makes you look twice -- or perhaps even four times.

Signed Kay Adams, B0709
Toc Collection, Sold



Red is great.

Signed Kay Adams, A1192
Bitz Collection, $22, Sold

Royal T


Which ever musician evolves as the next HOTTEST female rapper,

I suggest she call herself ROYAL-T and then I recommend she buy this necklace.

I'm just sayen . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1473
Bitz Collection, $135, Sold

Denise Richards in Anthill?


Ok -- Marjorie is gonna kill me for that title, but I SWEAR she looks like Denise Richards.

If she wanted a second career, she could go to Hollywood and be her stand-in.

But she doesn't need to do that -- she's got too good a gig here.

She's the brains and webmaster behind the highly regarded website that lists historic properties (translation -- often mansions) for sale from all over the world.

Her site's testimonial page is staggering. Old home buffs don't know where they'd be without her.

And did I happen to mention she's got AMAZING taste in necklaces?

Here's a FANTASTIC all sterling number she got some time ago.

It's a signed Armani base with some of the most fabulous 1960's signed former earrings I've ever collected -- mostly Eames era, vintage Taxco, even Spratling style pieces.

Oh yes -- Marjorie knows the good stuff!!

In both homes and in jewelry!!

Signed Kay Adams, A0252
Lore Collection, Sold



Not exactly.

More like . . .


Signed Kay Adams, A1494
Lux Collection, Sold

Dos Passos


"Individuality is freedom lived."

~ John Dos Passos
American Novelist (Manhattan Transfer) and Artist

Signed Kay Adams, A0130
Strike Collection, Sold

Where For Art Thou, Juliet?


I mean, Where For Art Thou, Little Donna?

It's been like -- a whole WEEK since you've been in!



Btw, Donna got this necklace for a very special birthday -- that begins with an F and ends with an 0, if you catch my drift --

Can you believe that?

Her husband called me up while Donna was in Anthill and said, "here's my card number -- tell my wife to get whatever she wants."

With husbands like that, who needs sugar daddies??

Love ya Little Donna -- thanks for being such an amazing model for my jewelry and for spreading the word --


Signed Kay Adams, A1455
Lux Collection, Sold

Marie Antoinette's Peacock


Gorgeous models. Runway shows.

Always a winner.

Another Grace Duval fantasy creation. A take on stylized and geniusly designed Maria Antoinette couture.

Complete with a levered tailfeather system, such that the fan feathers can be raised high above the head, or billow to the ground, at will.

And meet the incomparable Grace herself, shown here with her best friend and beautiful model, Melanie Hearn.

The other lovely model is Ava Barr.

Grace has me make necklaces when this piece is on show, and a new morph is always exciting!

Here are three we've used in the past. I wonder if we're gonna deplete the world of breathtaking old blue brooches??

No matter, at least we're filling it back up with breathtaking blue collage necklaces!!

Juice Collection pieces:
A1315, A1003, A0111
Sold -- contact for similar designs.

Other blog entries on Grace DuVal:
Bath Bomb Genius
This Girl Rocks It!
Rise, Phoenix, Rise
Vote Tomato!
New Zealand Bound
Leaping Lizards!

Seidel's Take


"The ability to relate and to connect, sometimes in odd and yet striking fashion, lies at the very heart of any creative use of the mind, no matter in what field or discipline.”

~ George J. Seidel,
US Philosopher

Signed Kay Adams, A0209
Strike Collection, Sold

Friday Night Lights


. . . and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday night lights.

An element for every day of the week.

Wear one or all seven.

Each piece completely removable.

All former petite brooches.

Signed Kay Adams, A1478
Lux Collection, $220, Sold

Got Chocolate? Really, do You?


Because I need some.

I am craving chocolate. So I needed to placate myself by choosing a necklace to blog on that reminded me as much of Hershey's Special Dark with Almonds as possible.

This necklace is the winner.

Now, if I could only eat it. (I don't have any chocolate in the house, and I don't feel like going out).

Silly blog.

Pretty necklace.

Made from rich variegated dark chunks of polished tiger's eye which drip with wanton delight from faceted topaz crystals.

Later -- I'm going to the store . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1119
Joy Collection, $95, Sold



It's my catch word for all things really cute.

Signed Kay Adams, A1176
Bitz Collection, $34, Sold

Jill's Got It


When you got it.

You got it.

Classic Texan beauty!

It's about time for your trek to the old Dominion Jill!! :))

Signed Kay Adams, A0394
Joy Collection, Sold

Fantasy, Madness or Butter?


"About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.”

~ Manolo Blahnik

Signed Kay Adams, A1467
Strike Collection, Sold

PS -- in my case? mad buttered fantasy!!!

A Good Read


Antique book lockets.

~ The End

Signed Kay Adams, A0246
Lore Collection, Sold

None Other


I've seen it beautiful --
Switzerland, Sweden.

I've seen it struggle --
Zimbabwe, Russia.

I've seen it primitive --
Peru, Thailand

And I have seen it Fortunate --
The United States of America.

We are lucky and I am grateful.

Grateful for our schools, our roads, our abundance of food.

Grateful for our endless opportunities and choice of free enterprise.

Grateful for our building codes and our health standards.

Grateful for our public utilities, our clean water and modern plumbing anywhere and everywhere.

Grateful for our law enforcement, our firefighters, our hospitals.

Grateful for our military.

Grateful for our government.

There is none other.
We are a fortunate, fortunate people.


Signed Kay Adams, A1069
Lore Collection, $195, Sold

Fashion Picnic?


If you wear this while enjoying a picnic in the park . . .

While sitting on a red/white checkered tablecloth . . .

Decked out in your multi-tonal patchwork madras shorts . . .

You may look . . .


I think this puppy must stand alone!

Enjoy your 4th of July picnics this weekend!!

Signed Kay Adams, A0804
Blast Collection, $185,

Earth Angels


This is my girl Kim Schmidt.

In fact she's the city's girl. EVERYBODY adores Kim.

She has one of the kindest souls and spirits I have ever, EVER encountered.

I've been known to call her "DB" -- short for day-brightener, earth angel, Mother Teresa's daughter -- you get the picture.

Well, Kim's good friend Lisa has been going through breast cancer, and it's been a rough haul. And Kim has been there for her every step of the way.

Among so many other things, Kim is a excellent photographer and she's been doing many tribute and awareness photos on flickr in honor of Lisa.

Well, to thank her, Lisa knew Kim liked this necklace and called me unbeknownst to Kim and had me present it to her with a heartwarming thank you note.

Kim was clearly, clearly moved.

Kim and Lisa -- you are amazing peeps.

The world needs more like you.

Love you both.




There is nothing else to describe these former brooches.

Signed Kay Adams, A1492
Lux Collection, $220, Sold