This Tucker Tiger HAS SPIRIT!!

Everytime she comes into the shop I'm 17 again.

She's always excited and happy and ready to create!
(Like me -- only I'm obviously light years from 17, dang it!!)

She loves her jewels, she knows her style and she can make visions happen. 

See, recently she has gotten into designing her own necklaces at Anthill right on the spot.

She chooses a necklace chain, then she picks out little treasures -- a key, a tiebar, a scrabble tile, a crystal, a locket, etc. and we string these nostalgic bits and pieces into a custom, made-for-Rachael-masterpiece just like you would do "build-a-bear" -- only we've done "build-a-necklace".

Now call me biased, but I'd build jewels over bears anyday!!  In this photo Rachael's wearing a multi-chain extravaganza that she knew she had to have the moment she laid her eyes on it. And truly -- Rachael knows when it's right!

I've got visions of a drama necklace, Rachael -- stay tuned!!

And you keep on keeping me young, and I'll keep on keeping you be-jeweled! :))

Hi to your Mom --

Signed Kay Adams, A1046
Juice Collection, Sold

I've Got the Blues, II


I've got the blues . . . again.

And that only makes me one thing . . .


Signed Kay Adams, A1515
Joy Collection, Sold

Affair of the Neck: Rated PG


STARRING:   DANGEROUSLY FLIRTATIOUS Aurora Borealis crystal earrings from the 1950's!

CO-STARRING:  Completely SMOLDERING faceted GREY OPAL Czech rosary crystal.

Watch the sparks fly in this irresistible jewelry love affair that takes place beneath the beauty of your face . . . right on your very own neck!!!

Rated PG, for Perfectly Gorgeous.

Signed Kay Adams, A1407
Lux Collection, $155, Sold



GIANT ROCKS, ie,  it's a good thing!


Signed Kay Adams, A1354
Juice Collection, $225, Sold
Ltd. Ed., please contact to purchase.



A striking black silhouette cameo on a 1920's
turquoise flecked celluloid base.

Rare, antiquated and beautiful.

A carved mother-of-pearl fan swings gently
below, underscoring both grace and femininity.

Signed Kay Adams, A0499
Lore Collection, Sold

Full Circle


When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts,
the circle of creation is completed inside us.

~ Michael Bridge

Signed Kay Adams, A1498
Lore Collection, Sold

Ocean Fame




Signed Kay Adams, A0896
Bitz Collection, Sold

Snow White and the Warped Dwarfs


A short TALL tale:

Once upon a time, Snow White, Happy and Doc got separated from the rest of the dwarfs on a trip to Disney World.

So they made the best of it and hooked up with a clown, a mouse, a cowboy, and an Alpine skier.  

Snow White and her friends rented a carriage and went on an extended laugh-filled ride through the park.  Later, the clown, the mouse, the cowboy and the Alpine skier all went to a bar.

They officially proclaimed themselves friends at the end of the day.

One day Snow White called me up and asked could I make a necklace that could somehow commemorate that special day.

"I just happen to have a bag of magic," I told her.  My magic included some old lapel pins and vintage tie tacs that happened to EXACTLY match Snow White's wishes -- uncanny!

It was a hit!!! -- Snow White gushed, I blushed, Happy laughed and Doc fainted!

(oh -- and the clown, the mouse, the cowboy and the skier went back to the bar and ended up celebrating with a priest, a rabbi and a minister).

The end.

Signed Kay Adams, A1409
Blast Collection, $245



I love New York.

I love Happy People.

and I love Margie -- because she is a  kindest little happy half-pint the BIG CITY has to offer!

And the BIG CITY offers some FABULOUS folks.  NEW YORKERS ROCK!!!  Best raconteurs you will ever meet.  Friendly, helpful, energized.  Just love 'em.

Margie's got quite a few Kay pieces and she lights up with a smile as big as her whole-self when she stops by.  She's always got great travel stories, cool news about her three college kids and the most thoughtful husband.  One time he stopped by unbeknownst to her and surprised her with an additional necklace for when they got back home.

If you're from NY and see Margie shopping around Manhattan -- stop and give her a BIG CITY HUG from me.  I miss her between visits -- and when her son graduates U of R, I'm gonna have Margie withdrawals.

That's alright -- road trips to NYC RULE -- guess I'll just have to go to the BIG APPLE to VISIT HER!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1578
Juice Collection, Sold

Pink Nouveau


A vintage pearlized french ivory floral sweeps lazily across the pink
mother-of-pearl "moon."

Pearls gently dangle.



Signed Kay Adams, A1461
Strike Collection, $120, Sold

Inch by Decadent Pearl Inch


36 inch woven pearl lariat with 5 inch extension. 

"Y" intersects with fabulous antique element.

Terminates with a rhinestone studded antique crystal.

Wear it as a belt, an elongated lariat, or doubled at neck as shown.

Versatility at its decadent finest.

Signed Kay Adams, A1616
Strike Collection, Sold
Please contact for similar design

*Necklace shown accompanying lariat belt in third picture is item A1615, Sold. 
Contact for similar design.

Esmerelda's Fix


Pale faceted sea-opal beads play against emerald and clear rhinestones for a most curious and unexpected combination of greens.

Delightfully different . . . gleefully green.

Signed Kay Adams, A1412
Strike Collection, $135, Sold

Unicorns Hide in My Lockets


It was so weird.

I opened up these old lockets the other day, and unicorns just came leaping out of them.

It was strange . . . and I liked it!

Actually, what we have here are lockets, opened at their hinges, drilled thru top and bottom, and from which a collection of former unicorn lapel pins and pendants frolic about.

Little aurora borealis crystals twinkle about for a uniquely mystical good time.

Signed Kay Adams, A1420
Joy Collection, $215, Sold

Come Sail Away


I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise

They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies

Singing come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me

Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me

Signed Kay Adams, A0422
Blast Collection, Sold

Take Your Eyes Off the Goal


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.
~ Henry Ford

Or perhaps they are the beautiful things you see . . .

Signed Kay Adams, L1523
Strike Collection, Sold

Daisy Mae


Golden . . .

Blue . . .

Green . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1287
Joy Collections, $165, Sold

Designing Art Right On Your Neck!


Cell phone photos are not always the most reliable.

But adorable Beth's style and warmth shines through even so.

I do wish the photo was clearer, because she has on the MOST GORGEOUS STACK ATTACK COLLAGE you can IMAGINE!!

She's got three very different, very beautiful necklaces all layered up at different lengths and the art that evolves is just MAGICAL. 

It's like designing art in real time right on your neck!

Her pieces include an English porcelain floral collection necklace, a rhinestone on sea-green opal necklace, and a Victorian and Navajo filigree necklace on faceted turquoise.


You're a doll Beth -- can't wait to see you, Maggie and Joanne again, as well as meet Leslie in person!

Signed Kay Adams,  A0788, A1445, A1589
Joy, Lore & Lux Collections, Sold

Blinding Wisdom


If I knew it was the last time we would all be together...

If I knew it was the last time for the smiles and the laughter...

If I knew it was the last time to look into your eyes...

If I knew it was the last time to stand by your side..

I would have talked longer, smiled wider, laughed louder,
looked deeper and held you for an eternity.

This beautifully moving poem by Joan Brady
This remarkable photo by Steve Biese

Coin Toss


Heads or Tails?

When one choice clearly shows the classic beauty of a trio of Chanel quality rhinestone bezels or the sophistication of a pair of vintage Ben Amun's (the two large brushed gold former earrings) . . .

why, it's heads by a long shot!

Suspended from large Czech glass cream pearls.

All pieces removable for wearing solo.

Signed Kay Adams, A1465
Lore Collection, $295, Sold

Sylvia's Whisper


The lovely lady who bought this necklace came into Anthill today.

There was something about this necklace that you couldn't put your finger on, but it was -- and still is -- just beguiling.

I'm sorry I missed you Sylvia.  Teresa said you looked absolutely radiant.  You ALWAYS do.

Your visit got me to thinking about special you and this wonderful necklace. So I've officially named it after you -- Sylvia's Whisper -- not that you whisper -- in fact your laugh is down right robust and infectious-- but the necklace looks "whispery."

Hey -- but you just tell me if you want it to be named "Sylvia's Contagiously Robust and Fabulous Laugh," and I will rewrite blog-title history!

Signed Kay Adams, A0160
Strike Collection, Sold



Looks like it too!

This piece is comprised of necklaces:

A1604-$155. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1605-$155. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1606-$115. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1607-$140. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1608-$140. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.

Price for necklace as shown $705.

Signed Kay Adams, L1609
Juice Collection, Sold

Having a Patooty Day



Happy Labor Day!

Kick your feet up and relish in your patooty-ness!

Signed Kay Adams, A0383
Joy Collection, Sold

A TALL Tale of Nine Cities


This necklace represents the cities that were to be included in the original version of the Charles Dickens' novel:  A Tale of Nine Cities.

Alas, the book was boiled down to two, but not the necklace . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1160
Lore Collection

'Cauz She'z My Cuz


Hey Bright Eyes -- have a great school year!

We'll see you next time you come up for a visit . . .

Study hard and tell them boyz to back off if ya need to!!

Hi to Matthew and your Mom & Dad!

♥ Luv ya --

Built-in Sunshine





Wear it when it's raining to ensure a brighter day.

It's like built-in sunshine!

Signed Kay Adams, A0808
Bitz Collection, Sold



The faith of a caterpillar
That never questions why.

What a homely worm
Becomes a butterfly.

~~Mildred N. Hoyer

A single vintage treasure is often an undiscovered caterpillar.
Collective treasures can be butterflies in flight.

Signed Kay Adams, A1263
Juice Collection, Sold

Aging Gracefully


There are lots of tricks and techniques to make something appear older than it is --

All types of chemicals to give bronzed and vintage patinas. 

Crackle finishes -- bury it in the backyard for a year -- heat it, paint it, stain it, etc.

But nothing, absolutely nothing, can compare to good old fashion time.

Although the camera hasn't captured it, there is the most delicate and sparkling little rim of old rhinestones on the inside of the oval and the oldest most time-worn old faux seed pearls on the outer rim.

Suspended from beautifully worn rosary pearls.

It is a treasure.

Signed Kay Adams, A1537
Bitz Collection, $65, Sold

To Have and To Hold


As featured in Richmond Bride.

Signed Kay Adams, A0217
Blast Collection, Sold