What Does She See?


The question is not what you look at but
what you see.

~ Thoreau

Signed Kay Adams, A2290
Strike Collection, $255

Wrist Watch


Indeed a Wrist Watch.
. . . as opposed to a wristwatch.

Signed Kay Adams, A1629
WriSt RinGeRs Collection, $65

Old Faithful


A classic design with antique former rhinestone earrings on ever so pale verdigris crystals.

And speaking of faithful and classic --
an in some cases, antique perhaps? ;) --

Signed Kay Adams, A2244
Lux Collection, $185

Flying High


On the wings of . . .

givre glass!

Givre is the word in the world of costume jewelry used to describe rhinestones that have been infused with a second color.

Most givre glass was made in Germany, although the word is french . . . for "frost" . . . go figure out that meandering etymology . . .

The colors of this former dragonfly brooch are awesome givres of opalescent and "creamsicle", vibrant orange fire opal, fuschia, and opaque pink.

Such a unique treasure!

Signed Kay Adams, A1534
Bitz Collection, Sold

Love Birds, Plus


Three charming antique friends sitting on a rhinestone branch.

Loved it as a brooch, love it more as a necklace.

Signed Kay Adams, A2252
Bitz Collection, $75



tousled. reckless. desperate. beautiful.

Not unlike the ending scene from the movie.

Signed Kay Adams, A2292
Juice Collection, Sold

Bohemian Rhapsody


An interpretation of one of my all time favorite songs!

I wonder if it would make Freddie want to do the Fandango with a Scaramouche?

Signed Kay Adams, A2288
Juice Collection, $355

Anthillian at Heart


She searches for tiny treasures with such care, and with such an eye for the detail and history of what she's seeking -- and we relate to that as Anthillians.

Recently Vivian brought in some of the antique medallions, tie tacs and lapel pins she's gotten from Anthill over the last few months, and I assimilated them into a special treasure necklace with matching asymmetrical earrings.

I couldn't have been more delighted with how they turned out and she looks so awesome wearing them.

Vivian, I know the meaning the pieces hold for you -- we feel the same about these often overlooked little records of history, which somehow respect the former lives and accomplishments of their owners.

It is beyond gratifying to be able to offer them a voice, a home, a presence, a custodian -- and in this case, all of the above.

You're beautiful, Vivian . . .
and us Anthillians love ya!

Signed Kay Adams, A2077
Lore Collection, Sold



Who could explain it?

Circles work.

Signed Kay Adams, A1693
Lux Collection, Sold

A Tisket, A Tasket


A tisket, a tasket
A Czechoslovakian basket.

Vintage Czech jewels -- truly some of the most delightful and beautiful costume jewelry EVER made.

I wish I came across more of it than I do.

Yeah, I'd pick a basket of aqua blue berries to put in that . . . :)

Signed Kay Adams, A2294
Bitz Collection, $110

Beyond the Fringe


Where alot of us creative types like to hang out . . .

Made from the petal of an antique Venetian glass vase, one side of a pearl sweater clip, matte glass antique trade beads in stunning dual tone greens, and vintage pale blue Islamic prayer beads.

Cascading pearls and milk glass beads complete
'the fringe'.

Signed Kay Adams, A0766
Strike Collection, $195

Starry, Starry Nite


Now I understand
What you tried to say to me
And how you suffered for your sanity
And how you tried to set them free
They would not listen, they did not know how
Perhaps they'll listen now

Signed Kay Adams, A2291
Strike Collection, Available


Of golden Victorian treasures.

Signed Kay Adams, A2193
Lore Collection, Sold



I have always loved this picture.

I took it back in my VCU college days.
It was taken in Richmond's
remarkable Hollywood Cemetery.


3/4/63 - 6/5/10


Rest in peace my beautiful brother.

Life dealt you a rough hand.

And the role model you were was unparalleled.

A lifetime of severe mental complications coupled with paralyzing multiple sclerosis and yet throughout your life you remained so spirited and held more joy than many people may ever come to find. What an inspiration you have ALWAYS been.

I want front row seats to the concert with you put on with Jimi Hendrix.

I love you CC. You save a spot up there for me.

Tell God I said Hi.

Black and white photos by Kim Schmidt. Thank you, Kim . . . the photos mean more to us than you will ever know.

What a Cute Penguin!!


Happy Birthday OLD MAN!!



None of my other husbands even compare!

Whatcha making me for dinner for your bday?

I'm just teasing -- I'll make dinner if you want me too -- whatcha want on your hotdogs?

Seriously honey -- I wouldn't be who, what or where I am without you.  I LOVE YOU so very much.

Your support is immeasurable and so are your good looks.  And that's a damn nice combo.

And speaking of combo's, maybe we should just go out for dinner . . .

Crossing Paths


Silver meets gold.

Flower courts sword.

Metal tempts crystal.

Paths cross.

Destiny happens.

Signed Kay Adams, L2135
Strike Collection, Sold

Generations ♥


This lovely mother and daughter will soon have double roles as grandmother and mother, respectively.

Alys bought her mom her first Kay.  Mom bought Alys her 'next' Kay, and it was in honor of the baby on the way.  The necklace has precious little components in pale pinks and ivories and is made on tiny little baby pearls.

Alys is a gifted musician and teacher who offers private piano lessons, (see her website link on my sidebar as well!), so I'm thinking  her next next necklace just might have to include trebles and clefs and staffs!! . . .

The whole situation is melodic! :)

Happy day ladies!!  So lovely to see you both!

Signed Kay Adams, A2050,  A2258
Both from the Joy Collection, Sold

Pappagallo's Secret


Not your average Pappagallo pink and green.

Think of it as Pappagallo on artistic steroids.

Signed Kay Adams, A2289
Juice Collection, Available