Good Vibrations


"I love the colorful clothes she wears

And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair

I hear the sound of a gentle word

On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

I'm picking up good vibrations"

I think the Beach Boys knew the vibe of this little baby!! ☻

Signed Kay Adams, A1769
Joy Collection, $165, Sold

Waste Not, Want Not


A lovely customer got the most gorgeous  chunky vintage bracelet recently, and it was one link too big for her wrist.

We removed a copper "chunk" from this eclectic bracelet, turned it vertically (it had been horizontal in the bracelet), rhinestone pinned it, and hung it from a graceful golden chain.

Voilà!   Easy as Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and now the red-head beauty has a striking custom copper necklace to match that fabulous retro bracelet!! 

Simple resourceful-reinvention and it's waste-not, want-not recycling finest!  :)

Signed Kay Adams, A1533
Bitz Collection, Sold

Peggy Style!


When Peggy comes in, LET THE FUN BEGIN!

She goes for necklaces with GUSTO!!

And that is almost always something from my Blast Collection --  where I make my most free-spirited, fun and untethered of creations!

Well it makes sense --like Peggy herself -- a free-spirited, fun and untethered creation!

And if this one looks fun, you oughta see her in "Cosmic Bliss"!! 

Below are three different necklaces I've made in the likeness of  Peggy's (the one on the left).

I must say, looking at them here together makes me want to DIVE HEAD-FIRST into my oversize pearls, loose bead box and tangled chain drawer, RIGHT NOW!!! 

Later!! :) There is an unmade necklace calling my name!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1529, A1580, A1530
Blast Collection, Sold (contact for similar designs)

Pearl Bubble Bath


When the pearls bubbleth over,

The neck is being pampered!

Signed Kay Adams, A1818
Juice Collection, $255, Sold





(me, mom, bro)



On that occasion when less is,

Vintage chandelier crystal necklace.

Signed Kay Adams, A1803, Ltd. Ed.
Bitz Collection, $30

jeans and a hoodie


and this necklace.

good kinda day.

great kinda lifestyle.

Signed Kay Adams, A1386
Lux Collection, Sold

Cold November Rain


I needed a touch of sunshine on this cold, rainy November day.

This works.

Happy warm sun-shiney November day!

Signed Kay Adams, A0120
Bitz Collection, Sold

itsa beaut


Yeah -- itsa beaut.

That's all there is to it.

Signed Kay Adams, A1779
Posh Collection, $215, Sold

Nostalgia on a Neck


Tiny bits of old fashioned beauty offset by a display of colorful old turquoise seed beads.

All enjoying their recreated entry into necklace life beneath vintage bar-link watch chain.

Also known as "nostalgic yum."

Signed Kay Adams, A1757
Joy Collection, $195

My Wild Ivory Rose


Antique carved ivory roses, culled from 1940's screw back earrings, are elegantly rhinestone studded and  suspended from vintage brass chandelier connectors. 


Signed Kay Adams, A1727
Lore Collection, $255

Fit for a Queen


Some of the most beautiful antique dress clips
I have ever collected were brought together
for a rhinestone assemblage fit for Royalty
(literally . . . )

Signed Kay Adams, A1619
Juice Collection, Sold

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Stack Attack Facts


Fact No. 1 -- Mary KNOWS how to stack attack (layer necklaces).

Fact No. 2 -- Mary does it SUPERBLY.

Fact No. 3 -- It is ALWAYS FUN when Mary comes to Anthill.

Fact No. 4 -- Mary also owns a retail shop, called Just the Thing in Chester.

Fact No. 5 -- Her store is awesome and you are allowed to buy anything in it -- except probaby those KAY NECKLACES she's wearing around her neck! 

Signed Kay Adams, A1465
Lore Collection, Sold

Little Bow Peep


She may have lost her sheep.

But she FOUND some pretty bows!

Signed Kay Adams, A1466
Joy Collection, Sold

The Hazards of Love


Me -- do something simple??

Yes -- believe it or not, once in a while I can accomplish that.

This cutie, Alison, was in town to see the band, The Decemberists (the blog title is the name of their latest album -- and also a beautiful song, I might add).

She eye-balled this 1960's earring-turned-necklace right away -- put it on -- and off she went to rock the night away!

Good Stuff, Alison!  :)))  I hope you had a blast!

Signed Kay Adams, A1175
Bitz Collection, Sold

A Watch Trellis?


Lattice-work watches.


Hi Holly! 8*D

Signed Kay Adams, A1565
Toc Collection, Sold

T-Shirt Wear


What an array of eclectic bits from former lives --

Rhinestone tassels, and 1950's fancy crystal necklace links, old drop earrings and breathtaking blown glass opalescent heart.  A knock Weiss earring and an antiquated pale aqua flower cap.

All suspended from verdi-gris crystal.

How gorgeous with your favorite t-shirt?

Signed Kay Adams, A1658
Lux Collection, $245, Sold

Barefoot and Beautiful


Jasmine and Mike were married ON THE BEACH this past summer  -- AND IT WAS GORGEOUS!!!

The photos were magnificent -- it was truly a DREAM COME TRUE ceremony.

I had the best time looking with Jasmine and her Mom, Jean (Hi Jean!) for just the right brooch to turn into her wedding necklace.  And indeed we found it and it was PERFECT!

And when worn by such a beautiful girl -- well, as you can see, it was downright STUNNING!!

I couldn't have been more honored than to have my part in this beautiful wedding and this love filled family.

They've been Anthill friends for a long time and I think the world of them.

Congratulations Jasmine and Mike!! 

You are going to have a wonderful life.  :) 

Horsin' Around Allowed


Whoever invented the phrase, "No Horsing Around,"

1) missed out on some good times
2) never made Kay necklaces

I like horsing around, and so I have made horses for around your neck.

A nostalgic collection of former pins and and tie tacs, including two hand carved wooden pieces, a "show pony" lapel pin, and charms of a saddle, a boot and a riding crop charm.

Each element removable for individual wear and suspended from vintage baby pearl rosary chain.

Signed Kay Adams, A1691
Lore Collection, $145

Among the Vets . . .


To all Veterans,

Thank you for serving our country.

"Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die." ~ G.K. Chesterton

Pop, I cherish your Navy stories. It's amazing how you saved the USS Oakhill from sinking by plugging the hole with a mattress. 

It's also amazing that I believed you for so many years.
Uncle Will -- we miss you immensely and are honoring you and all your veteran brothers today.

My father, Wiley, on the right and his twin brother, my late Uncle Will, on the left.
Ship's Chaplains on the USS Oakhill during the Korean War era, from 1954 to 1958.

It's About Hope


As long as we have hope,
we have direction,
the energy to move,
and the map to move by.

We have a hundred alternatives,
a thousand paths and an infinity of dreams.

Hopeful, we are halfway
to where we want to go;
Hopeless, we are lost forever.

~ author unknown

Signed Kay Adams, A1628
Lore Collection, Sold



My love for the look of gold and pearls and rhinestones is obvious. 

The classic style of beauty that harkens back to the icon of design, Coco herself.

She set the standard.

Signed Kay Adams, A1631
Posh Collection, $210, Sold

I Always Feel Like . . .


Somebody's WATCHING me . . .

Ohh oh oh --

This piece is comprised of necklaces:

A1695-$165.  (Item sold. Please contact for similar design).
A1696-$165.   (Item sold. Please contact for similar design).
A1697-$165.  (Item sold. Please contact for similar design).
A1698-$165.  (Item sold. Please contact for similar design).
A1699-$165.  (Item sold. Please contact for similar design).

Signed Kay Adams, L1709
Juice Collection

Price for necklace as shown $825, Sold

Life on the GO!!


Kathy KNOWS how to MULTI-TASK!

I love those TCB types -- so completely opposite of me ---

And when Kathy and her friend Mary came into Anthill a little while back, we had a FUN time -- a LIVELY duo they are!!

They are both CAbi consultants -- you know, where DESIGNER CLOTHING comes to YOU  -- at YOUR house!  If you've never heard about it, you should!!  And get Kathy or Mary to host your clothing party -- YOU WON'T BE SORRY -- and YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED!!

Kathy picked out the coolest Kay necklace which had an old logo chandelier crystal in the middle and two *empty* vintage watch cases on each side of it.  Kathy's a rivah girl, and I told her to bring me some rivah sand and I'd fill the watch cases up with sand and pebbles from

 the place her and her family love to go.  So that we did!  Now her necklace isn't only nostalgic and unique -- it's completely meaningful TO HER!  Love it!!

In this photo, I told her just to glop it on with her own beads and just watch the collage magic happen.  So that she did!!

Three cheers for Kathy and Mary too! 

Signed Kay Adams, A1431
Lore Collection, Sold

Mixed Emotions


Let's see . . .

Do I feel sophisticated? (upper left hand corner)

Do I feel glamorous?  (middle left)

Do I feel robust? (center)

Do I feel the sand in my toes? (middle right)

Do I feel industrial? (upper right hand corner)


Signed Kay Adams, A1668
Blast Collection, $195, Sold



I am completely overjoyed to have a very special collector who is a member of a notable Royal Family and whose passion for my jewelry sends my creativity into overdrive.

She has quite a collection of Kay pieces, and the photo above was one of her first orders that I captured in a collective shot before I packed and shipped it far away. 

She has since gotten more elaborate designs that I will showcase and blog on in the future. And I continue to teem with new ideas to show her -- all  I need is more hours in the day!!

It has truly been a pleasure to create such opulent pieces.   I respect immensely the lost art of vintage jewelry and couldn't be more grateful than when a collector feels the same such passion for jewelry created from these antiquated treasures.

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Cure for the Dumps


If you're having a bad day, then don't.

~ Bobby Thalhimer

Signed Kay Adams, A1677
Joy Collection, $195, Sold

Leçon Française (French Lesson)


Fait mon Pauline Français d'ami paraît chaud?
(Does my French friend Pauline look hot?)

Oui! Oui!
(Yes! Yes!)

Mais OUI!, bien sûr!
(YES! For Sure!)

Ce n'est pas évident ?
(Isn't it obvious?)
Là vous l'avez -- un oui franc et massif!
(There you have it -- a resounding yes!)

Vous remercier Pauline. Vous êtes la meilleure!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1352
Blast Collection, Sold

Eclectic Mojo


Electic mojo  -- 

One of my all time favorite kinds of mojo.

Signed Kay Adams,  A1638
Joy Collection, $165, Sold

Long Life


Who would believe that a completely black butterfly could be as beautiful as a colorful monarch?

Accentuated by antique Chinese coins, Swarovski crystals and a wish for us all -- the Chinese symbol for long life.

Signed Kay Adams, A1625LE(1)
Strike Collection, $175