Still No Time


Psych Deja Vu!

Ok -- I know I'm goofy -- I know -- I get it --

Opposite of yesterday's watch arrangement in that these watches are silvertone, goldtone, silvertone and the chinese coin is mounted on the obverse side.

Out of time? -- BUY SOME!

Signed Kay Adams, A1216
Toc Collection, $195, Sold

No Time Today



When you've got a watch necklace you've always got time!

Alternating goldtone and silvertone vintage watches terminate in an antique Chinese coin.

Signed Kay Adams


PS -- seriously . . . do you have the time? . . . I'm running late this morning . . .

Sullivan's Ruptured Ducks

Five Heroic Ruptured Ducks

Ruptured ducks were the name of the service pins awarded at the end of service in all branches of the armed forces from 1939 thru 1946.

They were issued to all service men upon being honorably discharged.

Although the pin actually depicts an eagle initiating flight, there is quite a story as to why the pin is referred to as a "ruptured duck."

Apparently, legendary film star Hedy Lamarr was married to a Nazi German whom it was later found out was in plot to kill her.

She ultimately escaped and was met by fans, photographers and media upon her landing in the US.

She made the comment that the flight was quite rough -- like coming over on a "broken bird." Spoken in German, it's literal translation in English meant "ruptured duck".

Her endeared idiom caught on quickly by the movie-star crazed female employees of the manufacturing plants that produced these service pins.

They would eventually come to label their shipping boxes "ruptured ducks" as it was common practice during WWII to label shipments destined for the war theater differently than their true contents, so as to not inform enemies about the actual contents.

The term "ruptured duck" had forever caught on as the Honorable Service pin's nickname, thanks to Hedy Lamarr.

This necklace makes me think of the Sullivan brothers.
Five gallant and heroic ruptured ducks.

Rest in Peace, brothers.

And may you forever be remembered when this necklace is worn.

Signed Kay Adams, A1343
Lore Collection, $195, Sold

Wishful Thinking


I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.

I want a necklace made of all vintage wishbone scatter pins.

Those cute little ones from the 1950's and 60's.

With colorful little rhinestones and little baby pearls and all the nostalgia and simpler times they represent.

I want all their pinbacks ground off. And each one drilled with a tiny little hanging hole.

Wouldn't that be swell?

Make your wishes come true.

Signed Kay Adams.
$195, Sold



Asymmetric bombshell.

Overflowing in greens and cascading dramatically and full.

It's lush.

It's plush.

It's green.

Signed Kay Adams, A0404
Juice Collection, Sold

Uncompromised, Unduplicatible


I so so wish you could see this in person.

To start with, as you come down the neck, this piece is comprised of true vintage jewels -- antique objects d'arte -- including a matched pair of baguette set 1940's dress clips, a 1930's marquise shaped rhinestone belt buckle, and a chevron edged rectangular sash buckle, also circa 1930's.

It then joins in the center at one of the oldest fashion brooches I've ever come across -- a mid-1920's STRIKING art nouveau rhinestone piece. This brooch includes a triangular cut piece of mirror inlaid into the brooch -- very, very rare.

This is then followed by an inverted art nouveau double lily rhinestone floral brooch. The brooch has pink ruby rhinestone baguette stamens, and is one the most gorgeous, well-made and stylized brooches one will ever see.

It also is a 1920's piece, and was made to immulate real diamonds, rubies and platinum, which it does effortlessly.

All pieces have had their backs removed and have been sanded perfectly smooth. Each antique element was then drilled and hinged permanently together to form the creation.

An heirloom piece -- uncompromised, unduplicatible, historic.

To see former pieces made in this style, please click these links:

Beyond Elegance
Treasures of Antiquity
Art Speaks Where Words Leave Off . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1088
Juice Collection, $850




Circa 1980's fashion earrings are together . . . well, for a reunion of sorts.

They've fared well haven't they?

They line up just like the cheering squad -- in perfect alignment and ready to step out and CHEER!

Ready to keep you enthused and on top of your game!

Go GET 'EM!!! The world is your pearl . . . um, your earring . . . MAKE IT HAPPEN! :)

Signed Kay Adams, A0703
Blast Collection, Sold

FUN, FuNkY, Spunky Monkey


A former bakelite onesie earring now sits atop a former 1950's green clip-on earring, gets linked together with Swarovski diamond studs, has a black plastic flower cap added, and like magic, something called "Fun, Funky, Spunky Monkey" is born.

Just how does life work like that?

Good thing I can't build skyscrapers and bridges -- can you imagine what they'd be named?

The Apple Adams Double Doozie Decker Bridge . . .

People would think America was weird . . . (imagine that . . .! )

But thank goodness, with jewelry, it all seems to fly.

Cute, yummy, and GREEN! :)

Signed Kay Adams. $55

Ode to Audrey


Today is my friend Audrey's birthday, so I wanted to blog on the this completely unique, one-of-a-kind lady!

I met Audrey in South America three years ago.

My husband and I were taking the same tour as she and  her husband Joe. They are high school sweet hearts from Malta, a tiny island near Italy. (Which lends itself to the beautiful accent they speak with!)

I liked Audrey the moment I saw her.

She had this chic haircut -- short and auburn, with pure platinum blonde side swept bangs in the front. She exuded style, comfort, confidence.

We pal'd around Peru, Buenos Aires, La Paz, and Rio, as she shared her motion sickness medicine with me. (I take ill on every trip . . . it's a wonder I travel).

We shopped, we told stories, we shopped, we ate, we yakked, we shopped, we laughed, we shopped, we talked art, we marveled at art, we shopped, we climbed Macchu Pichu, we ate, we shopped.

Our quieter husbands laid a little lower sometimes and probably wondered from the sidelines how they ended up with these live-wired artsy chics for decades-long wives.

The four of us so enjoyed each others company, we decided to do it again, and this past January we traveled with them in Antarctica. You can't shop on a 5 mile deep block of ice the size of the USA surrounded by 1000's of miles of ocean, but you can talk penguins, icebergs and art!!

It was superfun to see them again. But what I really want to say is, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!" You have been such a wonderful person to meet. You are funny and beautiful.

And YOU ALWAYS make people feel good.

And DOES SHE HAVE GOOD TASTE! This is the necklace I put on the cover of my book, "Creative Overdrive", because I thought it was one of my coolest pieces to date. She rings me up before the Antarctica trip and says, "bring it with you, it must be MINE!"

Dahling, "You Look MAHHVELOUS!!"

A0934, Sold

Has anyone seen my keys?


Truly, though . . . who needs the keys when you've got the keyrings?

Tell me this isn't more fun than the keys themselves.

If you find my keys, I'll take them, because certainly they'll make pretty jewelry too, but in the meantime, I think these keyrings have it all over on their counterpart.

Techno and industrial, sculptural and flirty --

Whooda thunk it?? :))

Signed Kay Adams.

$175, Sold

Cool keyring beans -- Check this out: The Trend: Kay Adams



YAY!! It's snowing outside. Right now. 8:29 a.m., eastern standard time, Richmond, VA!

These are the kind of days that make you know you are alive to create -- all day. It is so comforting to know the snow is peacefully falling down on top of the trees and down below to the ground and onto the road.

So, so beautiful.

Hence, this necklace. It's looks like tracks in the snow covered roads. It's striking and impactful, yet graceful --- just like new fallen snow.

Necklace attaches as one unified piece, and is completely adjustable, up to approximately 19 inches.

Signed Kay Adams, A0794
Blast Collection, $285, Sold

Deep Sea Diving


One never knows what can be found on the bottom of the ocean and this little fishy has found his lost scissors!!

What a lucky day!

Engaging and whimsical, details include a seahorse and a salamander, a leaf and a seaweed, and of course the pair of diamond encrusted rust-proof scissors . . .

(as I understand it, this fish lived in waters around the coast of Newfoundland, so these scissors must have been originally from the Titanic, in all necklace story-telling probability).

Signed Kay Adams.


Like all others, the only one IN THIS DEEP SEA DIVING WORLD!

A0756, Sold

Blue Daisy Days


This simplest of takes on a retro 1960's goldtone daisy pin.

Team it up with some irresistible aqua beads, drill out the center of the daisy, add a teal stud to compliment that gorgeous aqua chain, and behold . . .

a re-creation fit for a daisy-wearing maven!


Signed Kay Adams.


A0131, Sold

Many Ways Daisy Days


Almost too dramatic to call it "Daisy Days", isn't it?

But that's exactly the beauty of it. It's dramatic and completely casual at once.

I had a lady in Anthill this past week who said, "All this gorgeous jewelry, and I never dress up anywhere to be able to wear it."

I told her -- ahhh --- but that's exactly the beauty of today's fashion. We can be completely comfortable and casual -- jeans and a top, and have on a Breakfast at Tiffany's rhinestone necklace with it, and it looks simply SMASHING!

Our every day clothes are the casual background to a piece that pops. It's understated, it's fun, it's the snap. It's what make the "grunge" hip!!

I must confess, I wear jeans probably 360 out of 365 days a year. I wear my original Kay piece, a jangly rhinestone beauty, every single day.

It works. Period.

Well, that's the idea. Relax -- go casual, chill out and be comfortable. Then pop on some relaxed vintage neck art, and Voila!

And if the occasion is black tie, or fancy schmansy, or even to work, wear it then too! Just like a cameleon -- it will blend -- to your event, your wardrobe.

It's the best thing going . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A0935
Strike Collection, $185,

♥♥♥ Hearty Valentine's Day! ♥♥♥


Hearts galore so you can:

get lotsa luv!
give lotsa luv! ♥
see lotsa luv! ♥


All you need is love. . .
Do do do dodo.
All you need is love. . .
Do do do dodo.
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need.

Oh . . . and THIS NECKLACE!!! =)

A0511, Sold

Domo Arigato, Dr. Roboto


Living my constant obsession -- which is creating -- and being grateful that this obsession has manifested itself primarily as a jewelry designer, there was a time when the obsession was robots.

Yes, strange little creatures (big surprise there, huh), that would evolve as I poked around in my workshop for just the right capacitor, or switch, or electrode. Or that perfect little shape I'd find buried deep in the inner workings of, say, for instance, a 1962 Dictaphone. You know, your typical way of spending a robot-making day. Ok -- well -- maybe Mattel does it differently, but that's how I did it.

I always named these weird little sculptures, and they came complete with mini-biographies. There was Dramanoid and Oxymoronanoid. There was Squatbot and Alfalfanoid (he had great "sprout" growing out of his night-lite head). Then there was Motormouth and Harpfar.

One time I sold a set of three, a complete trio, to a gynecologist in northern Virginia. It was Viagrabot, Bride-Bobs-Alot-Bot and Lorena Bobbit Bot (Lorena Bobbit Bot held miniature scissors, and I always posed her facing Viagrabot, who, well, had taken lots of Viagra -- you can imagine). Actually these were bought as a gift for this doctor. I've always wanted to hear about her reaction upon opening them. Maybe one day she or a family member will wander back into Anthill and tell me all about it.

Oh, and one time -- in November 2005, I was commissioned to make a Bot for the retiring CEO of Dominion Virginia Power, Tom Capps. I named that one, "Tom Cappsanoid, Commander of all that is Electric". He was shocked! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . hehehehe

Well, to make this long blog entry even longer, the truly adorable, and kind gentleman in the photo is Dr. Peter Goodman. He is a local Richmond gastroenterologist. I call him Dr. Einstein, 1) because he looks like Einstein, and 2) because he's brilliant. And, btw, his wife is just as kind as he is.

Long after I had stopped dabbling in Bots, Dr. Goodman wanted one for his office. He told me it was to bring humor and put his patients at ease in sometimes trying times. Well I can answer that calling. So I got busy and made him this bot -- Dr. Peter Goodbotman. He came complete with replicated hair -- painted white and inverted into a tungsten lightbulb, and a medicine bottle body. It was so cute as he posed with it in Anthill.

He is such a good, good person.

Anyway -- hope you in enjoyed this protracted yarn . . . back to business as usual. And that means there are robots . . . . uh, I mean necklaces . . . to be made!

Have a great day!!

You can see more former robots by clicking here:

I made quite a few more than I've got photos of. I used to not photograph my work consistently, including necklaces and chandeliers too. :(

They say as an artist, if you don't document it, you may as well not have made it. So all you fellow artists -- take pics of it ALL. Besides, you'll want to see it again one day for posterity's sake. :)

Happy Eyeballs, Decked Neck #2


This collar was one labor intensive little puppy. But it's all worth it in the end.

Some necklaces are more enjoyable to make than others -- the techniques involved are more relaxing and perhaps even more mindless -- and the time just whittles away while you watch a creation take shape.

Well, I "whittled" away at this, but I was well aware of every arduous twist and turn and plug and poke. It's just the nature of this beast.

Tiny little bits and beauties are so crammed in you can hardly see straight. There are filigree bead caps, and vintage pearls, gemstone chips including opal, amethyst and peridot. There are old aqua plastic flowers beside Chanel channel-set rhinestone bezels. There are baby seashells and silk flower buds. There are Swarovski rhinestones drizzled throughout.

It will keep your eyeballs happy and your neck DECKED!

Every possible nook and cranny is filled. It is bedazzling on, and much larger in real life than the photo makes it appear. (It almost appears as a bracelet in the photo, but this necklace is approximately 16" with a 3 inch extension).

Signed Kay Adams. $450

Juice Collection, A1089

It's a Cat Thing


When you're obsessed with cats, kiss all reasonable dignified behavior goodbye. It's like being around a newborn. In their almighty feline presence, it's all ooey-gooey behavior.

And it worsens with age;
you find yourself getting ooey-ier and gooey-ier.

You drive people batty as they listen to you carry on in baby talk to this little varmint who couldn't give a mouse's patooey if you dropped dead tomorrow.

But we cat lover's accept that.

We know it and love them in spite of their sometimes aloof, Jekyll-and-Hyde ways.

Because when they give love, it's the best. It's a cat thing. So this necklace is dedicated to that species which I adore most of all the amminals.

Chum mere you wittle schmucky mucky woo woo. I gonna kiss that wittle weebus punkin munchkin face. . .
oowweee! excuse me, I just got nailed. ;)

Signed Kay Adams, A0872
Joy Collection, Sold

Give at cat a chance. Adopt one! They are AWESOME.

Then come get this necklace to doubly celebrate!!

(click on the cat collage to see the picture nice and big!)


Certified Funkologist


I have a degree from the School of Funkology in Kay's Brain, Virginia. I bet you've never heard of it.

It's the world's smallest school; one teacher, one graduate. And they are the same person!!

Actually, I have a degree from VCU in Mass Communications. Look! I'm using my degree! I'm communicating on the internet -- to the masses!

Seriously, I digress. This piece is so funky cool. It was a former earring and bolo set. No doubt originally from New Orleans in my opinion.

And what an exquisite artist whom originally did the painted and embellished faces. I admired this set for so long in Anthill before I decided their time of reinvention was upon them.

I simply love it. I'd love to meet the artist that originally did the faces. TAL----ENT!! Then couple that with my Funkology degree and was a what a bold combination it is!

Oh, and for the record, my Kay's Brain minor was in Blissology. My VCU minor was writing. (I was going to be a journalist, you know).

But I digress. . .

Double layered mardi gras art necklace. Signed Kay Adams.

A1043, $325.

Rock the cradle of love


Rocking the cradle of vintage love.

Because of the way this necklace is designed, the incredibly soft pink moonglow brooch looks as if it is being cradled by the soft pearls and random beads that become the wispy branches holding it from above.

This former moonglow brooch is one the most captivatingly soft and elegant pieces I have seen. It is probably late 1930's and made to look as if it where platinum with diamond encrusted leaves that frame the, well, truly glowing moonglow.

They do call it moonglow for a reason, you know. It indeed glows.

It clasps in the front with a circle ring and toggle, and incorporates another matching ring on the left.

Simply luscious.

I don't really think it's Billy Idol's cup-o'-tea, but all us vintage lovin' ladies can rock this cradle of love!! . . . vintage love!

Signed Kay Adams, A0785
Strike Collection, $210, Sold


Good Morning! :)

If you are a member of the facebook community, you have no doubt experienced the deluge of personal question lists that are abounding among the users of late.

Interview style questions about your high school loves, or stating 25 random things about yourself, or probing personal question lists to be answered in a single word.

Anyway, they are rather entertaining, at least for the moment, and I've been participating in my share. These questions force you to conjure up memories that may otherwise have been lost in the shuffles of your brain forever.

Well, to make this blog entry weave its way back to the chosen necklace, I won the $500 jackpot playing bingo at an American Legion hall when I was 16 years old. Suffice it to say, at 16, in 1981, I felt like I had a million bucks -- or certainly a couple hundred thousand! Or maybe a couple thousand, but regardless, it was ALOT of gratuitous BINGO DOUGH!

So this memory was reinstated into my conscience after one of these facebook exercises, and it was a very pleasant place to visit. Thus my Bingo Collar Blog!

It's fun, as usual. It's funky, as usual. It's laced with typewriter keys and chartreuse moonglow half-rounds. (That's not as usual). It also has two secret lockets mounted on it, so you can put a tiny little note or photo of something or someone you know that brings you luck. Or warms your heart!

It sports two types of vintage Bingo pieces. And if you're going to play bingo anytime soon, I strongly suggest you consider wearing it. You just may win the jackpot -- on N40 this time around!

Have fun!! And fill out your facebook questionnaires!! You just can't imagine the places it'll retake you!

A0758, Signed Kay Adams, $155.

Tell Ho-Hum To Take a Hike . . .


It seems funky and baubly, right? Well it is funky and baubly.

But also it is more than that.

These are all, every single one, the clasps off of old necklaces. Not a one is an earring or a button or a bead.

Each hanging piece literally has a "slot" that once held the insert of what they call in the jewelry world a tongue clasp.

Being an obsessive collector and salvager truly has it's benefits! For art, for the environment, for the sheer pleasure of turning ho-hum into YAHOO!!

Attached to stout popcorn crystal chain to match the chunky funky feel of this unique beauty.

Signed Kay Adams.

A0972, $165.

But Don't Fall In Love


But don't fall in love.
She's a beauty.
A one-in-million girl.

Scale isn't conveyed here. But IT IS LARGE and IT IS LOVELY.

These were all former rhinestone brooches. BIG GLITZY BROOCHES. Now they are BIG GLITZY PENDANTS!

I love the power of transformation, the power of recycling, the power of re-living.

She's a beauty -- a one-in-million.

A combination of vintage treasures guaranteed to never happen again. So don't fall in love, unless you're the one that gets her. 'Cause when she's gone, she's gone.

Signed Kay Adams.

A1235, Sold

Bath Bomb Genius


Can I just say there is no word invented to describe the creative and visual talent of Grace DuVal.

She has outdone herself again, this time with 52 pairs of yellow latex dishwashing gloves and 40 hours of sewing.

Did I mention Grace is a mere 21 years old? She's a baby. Think of her future!! It's gonna shine brighter than the sun and her YELLOW rubber glove dress combined!!

The gorgeous model is Melanie Hearn.

And of course Grace's unerring eye picked a lovely aqua "bubble" necklace designed by yours truly.

The necklace is a puzzle of 1950's circle pins, all pin backs ground off, a collection of 1960's turquoise earrings, and turquoise chain which serves to corset the bath bomb necklace together.

A stellar combination with Grace's dress.

Yes, Grace, it does fit like a glove!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1205
Blast Collection, $295, Sold

Other blog entries on Grace DuVal:
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Avant Garden


Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. How does your Avant Garden Grow?

With Brass Flower Shells that Kay Makes and Sells,
From Watch Bands all in a row.

Ok -- so I think we're all glad I make jewelry instead of poetry.

Here's a crazy little flower garden. Born from my desire to make use of my drawer of 1940's watch band fodder.

I think they look pop-arty and strange and I am really drawn to to that. I was hoping maybe someone else is too.

No water required to keep them alive. Only needs love and attention. Which happens effortlessly once planted upon the neck.

Signed Kay Adams, A0718
Strike Collection, Sold

Cool before it was Cool


I've gotta blog on this cutie pie. Her name is Rachel and she has awesome taste and the most lovely family.

Her mother, her aunt, her grandmother are all Anthill fans and they are the kindest people.

See that million dollar smile on Rachel? That's because she's got such great peeps in her life, oh . . . and because of that new necklace she got! ;)

This is the most amazing little relic my mother and I came across. It's probably around 100 years old. It needed some TLC to bring it back to the 21st century. For instance, the chamber was broken and hanging out. I fabricated a "pin" for it -- to lock it permanently back in place, and thus the little pearl bullet was born.

And the mother of pearl handle had almost made its way loose from the casing. It's amazing it was still with it.

A glorious old antique gold filled chain completed this vintage piece of wild west history.

Rachel rocks in this old charmer! It's her second Kay piece, and as I understand it, she has her eye on a third. Judy and I will put a bug in your mom's ear, Rachel!! :)

A1279, Sold



Just being back from Antarctica, I thought it appropriate to blog on this icicley eye catcher.

Very dramatic with large faceted crystal icicles hanging from large faceted crystal chain.

It represents beauty, glamour and is crispy cool!

Just like the weather in Antarctica . . . or Virginia!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1109
Lux Collection,

There's no place like home . . .


Forgive my "hiatus" but I went on an journey. A journey to the bottom of the earth . . . Antarctica for the last three weeks, and hence my blogging hiatus.

So why blog on this goofy little storybook, homey kind of necklace the day I'm back?

Well, to tell you the truth, although my trip was amazing, I did have a touch of homesickitus. (And frankly seasickitius while I was there). I missed my shop and my mother, I missed my cats and simple food. I missed making necklaces and blogging. I missed my daily Starbucks Venti Decaf Peppermint Mocha Frappucino, no whip. (ok-- I know it's sad), but I missed my regular life.

It was a magnificent trip and I met great people and rubbed elbows with a team of environmental scientists aboard our Marine Vessel Discovery. I spent cherished time with two wonderful Maltese friends. I saw scenery that was so beautiful it would make you cry. And I absolutely have visions of my "Ode to Antarctica" necklace that I will soon be creating.

But in all honesty, home is where the heart is. And my heart is here.

There truly is no place like home.

Signed Kay Adams.
A0767, $155.