A beautifully unique name for a beautifully unique girl.

Taryn-Dee is a sweetheart. Always full of life and charm.

On her latest visit to Anthill she found this necklace and indeed it suits her to a tee -- A Taryn-Dee tee!

How could it not?

It's lively and different and vibrant -- just like her!

Signed Kay Adams, A1013
Bitz Collection, Ltd. Ed.

King Tut's Glow


I've never been to Egypt.

One day I'd like to go.

Until then, this rhinestone pyramid is my vicarious visit.

Such an exotic and unusual piece. I've seen literally 1000's of brooches through the years owning an antique shop that specializes in jewelry, and NEVER have I seen a piece anything like this.

I think whoever buys this should go to Egypt and visit King Tut's tomb.

I don't know that he'd turnover, but I bet he'd give a mummy nod of approval!

Signed Kay Adams, A1490
Bitz Collection, $60, Sold

Pearl Glop


I love these gloppy pearl creations.

But I needed to state that, because I know it isn't obvious. ;)

Particularly loaded.

Lusciously multi-hued.

Defiantly asymmetrical.

Signed Kay Adams, A1468
Posh Collection, $215



A scrolled initial pin, a vintage signet pendant,
engraved cufflinks, and two watch fobs
have become a statement.




Signed Kay Adams, A0509
Lore Collection, Sold

Twist & TuRN!


When I look at this necklace, I always think of Pat Benatar's song "The Good Life" from her jazz and blues album, released back in 1991. (Egads!!)

It's got a great throw-back tune and is so good-mood setting.

There's a line from the song in particular that makes me think of this necklace . . .

"Now people like to have their fun, bend their knees in twist and turns. Talk on, about the Good Life."

When I hear this one line, this necklace, with it's twisting and turning components, is instantly in my mind's eye.

Here's a link to this great song, 'cause if you've never heard it, you simply must!!

The Good Life




Now that's the GOOD LIFE! :)

Signed Kay Adams, A1438
Posh Collection, $220

A Green Queen


There is.


No Way.





It is Scrumptious, Huge, Yummy.


All former brooches are in prong-set magnificent condition, pinbacks removed, backsides completely smooth.

Each can be worn solo if desired.

Be a Queen.

Be a Princess.


God knows I'm me!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1318
Juice Collection, $495

Roosevelt's Insight


"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."

- Franklin Roosevelt

Signed Kay Adams, A1251
Juice Collection, Sold



What a fantastic, eclectic sense of style.

Beautiful Connie came into Anthill the other day and instantly eyed the Kay pieces.

She seemed especially drawn to the ones with unexpected collections of like items.

She came close to getting a tiebar collage, but when it was said and done, this Alpine collage was the winner.

I told her how I had to collect these over a period of about three year to have enough to pull off the design aesthetically.

Then she liked it even better!

These are souvenir pins and hat pins that were often sold to tourists in Germany and Switzerland.

The designs usually include a pickaxe and sometimes rope -- for rock and mountain climbing (in the Alps, you know!!).

Sometimes the pins will have the edelweiss flower represented -- a national flower used in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany!

Also seen are the famous style Alpine hats, sometimes a Swiss cowbell, sometimes the country's flag.

They all have a similar feel, but each is unique in it's motif and personality.

It's so awesome that collaging them together can bring appreciation to their story, their detail, and their heritage!

Not to mention that it looks so freekin' cool!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1247
Lore Collection, Sold

When Bonnie Met Clyde


Love at first gun-slinging site -- or is it??

Looks like maybe they're already having their first lover's showdown.

A salvaged portion of antique french ivory (celluloid) pendant has been drilled and riveted to a sunset-hued scallop.

And we can clearly see Clyde is sporting his prerequisite handgun.

It would appear undaunted Bonnie is giving Clyde lip.

I wonder could they patch things up and re-write history?? . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1117
Strike Collection, $135

Father's Day


I love you Pop.

I miss Uncle Will, and I can't imagine how much you do.

But rest assured, he's looking down and from above and having a laugh. He's up there playing his best pranks and telling his best jokes and I think the thunder we hear these days, could be God himself roaring with laughter.

You will always be the twin brother country preachers.

You will always be the musicians.

The antics and the stories and the non-stop humor. The lessons. The vacations. The love. The laughs.

You were the last born of 13 children.

You are the last one here.

All your sisters and brothers, Masue and your Father watch over you everyday.

And how they love you.

Happy Father's Day, Pop.
Happy Father's Day, Uncle Will.

And how I love you.

Prettiest Ever?


Call me biased, but I think this turned out to be one of the prettiest pieces ever!

Old Chanel screwback earring blanks were "crowned" with intense miniature Swarovski rhinestone flowers, which were also sprinkled about with other delicate antique rhinestone earrings in this three tier dazzler.

For versatility, and is customary with my pieces, each tier removes for independent wear.

So you can go as casually striking to as STRIKING striking as you want!

Signed Kay Adams, A1314
Juice Collection, $650


Magical Discord


The finishes on each of these buckles are all so different . . .
From darkened to bright, they each delt with the passing of time their own way.

The shapes of these buckles are all so different . . .
We see two circles, a small one and a large one. There is a "half" rectangle and a full rectangle. There is the standout figure 8.

The condition of the rhinestones on these buckles are all so different . . .
From mellow to bright, and from aged to gleaming, each deals with the refraction of light a little different from the other.

So how is it that in this discord of finishes, shapes, sizes and conditions, this necklace can be so beautiful?

The unity is that they are all buckles, each unique, each redeeming in its own way.

And that makes the discord MAGIC!

It's not unlike your family, or mine.

Know what I mean?

Signed Kay Adams, A1455
Lux Collection, $245, Sold

Looks Like We Made It


Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby

You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're the one I want for life
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of

I'm so glad we made it
Look how far we've come my baby

I love you Dick Adams.

Happy 21st Anniversary.

Round of Golf, Anyone?


A round of golf for your neck, that is.

I'm not good at the other kind.

Bogey's and Chip Shots in my world have something to with pickles and fish 'n chips.

But I DO KNOW JEWELRY! And here's my collection of golfing paraphernalia coming "full circle!"

It's a hole in one for your neck!


Well some word I grab at is bound to mean "GOOD STUFF" in golf!

All pinbacks removed, ground smooth, drilled and wired into the circular collage. Adjustable to 20".

Signed Kay Adams, A0867
Strike Collection, Sold

Simple Little Pleasures


“I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those in which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls off a string.”

-- author unknown (wish I could take credit for it -- it sure fits my philosophy!)

Signed Kay Adams, A1320
Posh Collection, $220, Sold

Alternative Rock


Now THAT's unruly!

. . . now I can finally wipe that Cheshire grin off my face.

Signed Kay Adams, A1456
Juice Collection, $285, Sold

Classic Rock


Edgy, but not unruly.

Unruly comes tomorrow.

Until then? Me giving a Cheshire grin.

Signed Kay Adams, A1457
Juice Collection, $285, Sold

Oh La La. . . LA LA


Oh La La . . . LA LA!

Know what I mean?

And Amy looks this great everytime I see her and in EVERYTHING she wears.

I think she should move to New York or Hollywood and be a model, but then Richmond wouldn't have her, so I'm glad she's not doing that.

Heck, she's has too much fun here anyway.

And you know what? -- she's as kind and FUNNY as she is pretty.

Although not a concept I'm personally familiar with, I think they call that perfect.

Signed Kay Adams, A1437
Posh Collection, Sold

Copper Distinction


Copper layered flowers.

Green, teal, pink and greyblue accents.

Touch of pearl.

Touch of filigree.

Touch of rhinestone.

LOTS of Distinction.

Signed Kay Adams, A1459
Blast Collection, Sold

Butter Anyone?


I made this so you could go to your favorite restaurant, butter your bread, then put your necklace back on . . .

You know -- for life's weak dieting moments.

Thick, solid, GORGEOUS mother of pearl handles (thickest I've ever encountered on vintage flatware) are enhanced by signed embossed sterling silver wraps that serve as a cuff between the blade and the handle.

The blades themselves are (tempered??) steel, and they made me painfully aware of that fact as I broke a good half dozen bits trying to pierce them.

Hanging from the knives are two beautifully detailed carved mother-of-pearl former brooches from Israel.

Signed Kay Adams, A1224
Strike Collection, Sold

Boobies, Fashion & Awareness


Meet my great friends Phil, Nancy and Katie.

They have been Anthillians as far back as I can remember, and they are the kindest and most lively family you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Nancy is a recent breast cancer survivor, as are several other of our wonderful customers, AND my mother as well.

So, in honor of breast cancer awareness, I have made two necklaces in which half of the proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research.

Now let me tell you -- it wasn't easy coming up with a concept to make boobies out of vintage jewelry "stuffs," but I think somehow I've managed to pull it off.

The first one here is apparently modeled after my own cup size, or so my husband informed me after I completed it.

It's my personal take on the "pink ribbon," which are, in my vision, silver bows with pearls and pink venetian glass beads. Then delicate Swarovski screw-back earring bezels have been turned into graceful little pairs of boobies, also suspended from the pretty hand blown glass beads.

Actually quite attractive on, and very subliminal in it's message, although it is intended to create breast cancer awareness chatter.

So do just that -- with style and grace and pride.


Signed Kay Adams, A1449
Lux Collection, $195, (donated to Cure by Design 2009)

The second one is clearly not a boob size I'm directly familiar with.

It is made from the rose of a crocheted toilet seat cover from the 1950's, and several of Avon pink awareness ribbons (former lapel pins) that have been in circulation for quite a few years now.

It's dynamic and not as subliminal in it's message as the former.

Spread the awareness with an openness and wacky bit of humor, if that's your style!

Signed Kay Adams, A1450
Strike Collection, $195

Proceeds to be donated.



Well, here's the lowdown -- THIS IS FREEKIN' GORGEOUS! And Loaded. And LOUD.

As you can plainly see, it's got oranges and watermelons, and grapes and cherries and lemons and pears and blueberries and kiwi's.

It's even got an apple with a green worm poking his head out -- see him over there on the left -- ??

Pieces were former earrings, napkin rings, barrettes, chandelier prisms and brooches.

Don't drink your Hawaiian punch -- WEAR IT!

Signed Kay Adams, A1419
Blast Collection, $285



A tie made of pearls?


Signed KayAdams, A0950
Posh Collection, Sold

Chain Falls, USA


Chain Falls, USA.

The next best thing to the California Vernal Falls.

Signed Kay Adams, A0268
Juice Collection, Sold