Sneak Peak 2 . . .

Hey everyone!

I am continuing to have some computer issues.

Please join me on my facebook fanpage for the latest updates . . . although that's a bit snafu'd at the moment as well (can't post multiple pictures there right now due to a facebook glitch).

I'm sure all will be resolved in due time.

In the meantime, look at this YUMMMY necklace! :))

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Signed Kay Adams, A2024
Strike Collection, Sold

Sneak Peak . . .

Hey All! I am having computer issues. Hope to be back in action soon!!  However, necklaces are being brewed, stewed, winkled, tweeked, woven, baked, warbled and twiddled AS ALWAYS!! :)) Come see me at the 'Hill!!

Feeling Mousy


Don't ask me why I've been feeling so mousy. 

And there's more to come.

Anyone got any cheese?

(This is, btw, the handle of a former cheese knife).

Signed Kay Adams, A1982
Bitz Collection, $65

V♥lentine's Dedic♥tion!



I love you RLA!! :)

Happy Valentine's Day! :) ♥

Hug the one you ♥ today!

Heart A'sttack


Soft, simple, vintage beauty.

Happy Valentine's Eve!

♥ ♥ ♥

Signed Kay Adams, A0922
Lore Collection, Sold



You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

You are responsible for your rose.

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Signed Kay Adams, A1951
Bitz Collection, $95

A Wintery Stack


Gobs of salvaged, modified, altered and restored vintage treasures.

This piece is comprised of necklaces:

A1989-$245. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1990-$185. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1991-$185. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.

Signed Kay Adams, L2018
Juice Collection

Speaking of Ice . . .


I had to blog on Marybeth today, because her beautiful bling necklace reminds me of all the beautiful blinging ice and snow we're getting.

It's a winter wonderland outside my window -- a very blustery and dense snow -- simply beautiful!!

This necklace was made from Marybeth's family pieces, so it's got  memories and meaning in addition to being great looking!

Plus, Marybeth can remove any given former earring or the centerpiece former brooch and wear it independently.

For instance, picture that Weiss center piece worn solo on the silver crystaled beads . . .


The best of all worlds!

Signed Kay Adams, A1877
Lux Collection, Sold

Beam me up, SCOTTIE


For my Scottie fans out there.

He'll hang on your heart! ♥

Signed Kay Adams, A1947
Bitz Collection, $55

Take the plunge . . .


An engaging cascade of yesterday's craftsmanship.

The lost art of a gorgeously scrolled three dimensional initial pin, (back fully ground off and smooth), nostalgic ladies watch band sides,
old bar link drops, a 1930's analog watch dial (cleats from back removed) and completed with a delightfully petite and perfectly round golden antique ladies jeweled watch movement.

Plunging historic goodness.

Signed Kay Adams, A1762
Strike Collection, $185, Sold

Life's Little Treasures


Tiny little treasures.

- the leaf-shaped clasp of an antique 1930's filigree bracelet

-  an antique carved mother-of-pearl miniature sash buckle.

-  a 1950's former faux pearl heart pin.

-  a turn of the century carved shell cameo which I hand wired into an old filigree Krementz bezel.

-  a extremely old copper flower cap centered with a 1970's pearl earring stud, then hand applied with patina.

- a ladies 1940's watch movement as removed from the antique wrist watch.

- an intricately carved mother-of-pearl star, and an earring in it's former life.

Yes,  life's little treasures, indeed.

Signed Kay Adams, A1672
Lore Collection, Sold

Hammin' at the 'Hill!


This is Wayne Covil, pronounced CO-vell, from the local NBC Channel 12 news.

And HE loves his cufflinks, and I LOVE giving him a hard time -- ('cause he's just so darn personable).

And seriously, not that I have to tell anyone in Richmond, but his last name is really pronounced like . . . kind of but not exactly . . . but mostly sort of it rhymes with shovel . . . if you spelled shovel, shovil.

And you can find out for yourself if you just go listen to him pronounce it on his next news cast . . . but get up early, 'cause he's on at like 5:00 am in the morn!!

Wayne -- you know I'm goofin' -- you are really with Channel 8 and you anchor the late news -- and yes, I'm FULLY aware of that!!

AND -- I know you like your cufflinks. I've made Wayne four pairs now -- the two below (I think he must have a good friend that works at CBS Channel 6??), and also made him two pairs from old Petersburg transit tokens. 

Come see us anytime Wayne -- IF YOU DARE!! I'll try and behave . . . maybe.

And if anyone out there in blogville has cufflink ideas, come see me! Yes, I'm ambi-jewelrydextrous!
PS -- Watch Wayne on CBS 6 reporting live at 5 and 6 pm!! :)

Guten Tag!


This poignant little number has gone to live in Germany.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Signed Kay Adams, A1967
Strike Collection, Sold

A Wearable Carnival


How do you follow up after the blog below?


Giant 1980's lucites in every color of the rainbow have converged to bring BLING, POP, RAZZ and MATAZZ to your day or your night, as the case may be! 

Signed Kay Adams, A2001
Blast Collection, $235



I do believe this is an all time FaVoRiTE customer photo -- not that I don't love them all -- but get a load of these three --  Renee,  daughter Nicole, and grandson Colin.

AND COLIN TAKES THE CAKE -- is that kid awesome or what??

The only way this photo could be better is if it had audio. 

Because when these three come to the 'Hill . . . WATCH OUT.

It gets LOUD!

It gets WILD!!

And it gets WOOLLY!!!

AND . . .

but usually only when she or Nicole buy something -- which means . . .
we get ALOT OF CONCERTS!! =D  

I TRULY, TRULY LOVE YOUR VISITS Renee and Nicole (even if Judy does hide under the counter when we all get rockin' and rollin').

You two are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys AND a hammock full of hyenas . . . plus your taste in jewelry is so much better!!! 

Signed Kay Adams,  A1304
Lux Collection, Sold



Naahh -- no need for eeek -- it's just Ben and some of his buds.

"Ben, most people would turn you away.
I don't listen to a word they say.
They don't see you as I do.
I wish they would try to.
I'm sure they'd think again.
If they had a friend like Ben."

(I know Ben was a rat, but it made the blog more fun and was a good reason to revisit such a great nostalgic song!)

Signed Kay Adams, A1981
Blast Collection, $245



When I came across this in my archives, it almost reminded me of sparkling snowballs.

And we've had ALOT OF SNOW in Richmond the last couple of days -- 12.5 inches to be exact, in my neck of the winter white woods.

Revisiting this snowball beauty simply seems apropo right now!

Signed Kay Adams, A1357
Lux Collection, Sold