Growing Cameos in My Poppies


I LOVE THIS PIECE! (that's a BIG surprise, huh?)

It's odd and COLORFUL and INTENSE.

It's soft and JOLTING all at the same time.

It's a proverbial study in contrasts and opposites.

I restored the old enamel poppy and made the circular pearl framed cameo.

There is a gracefully pale cameo trailing down from the poppy, along with peridot and amethyst stones. There's pearls and dangling green aurora borealis rhinestones tucked about.

And it all hangs from a menagerie of tumbled jades and green venetian glass.

What nice way to close out May!

P.S . -- I HIGHLY recommend growing some cameos in your summer garden!

Signed Kay Adams, A1442
Strike Collection, $195, Sold



Know what the CDC stands for?

Christian Dior, Chanel.

Because that's the essence these elements give off -- 100 percent.

SPECTACULAR on -- sophisticated and posh.

And seriously, when you're talking the likes of Dior and Chanel, you can't exactly miss.

Make a statement -- THE CDC STATEMENT

Signed Kay Adams, A1440
Posh Collection, $235




Five vintage seahorse brooches.

Two Sterling.
Two Wooden.
One Costume Oldie.

Selected for scale and symmetry.

All backs removed, sanded smooth, drilled, crystal studded.

Suspended from bumply clear crystal, emulating the water.

Every element made removable and reattachable, so each seahorse is ready to swim solo on your favorite sterling chain or a black leather cord -- whatever your seahorse-lovin' heart desires!

Signed Kay Adams, A0701
Joy Collection, $215, Sold

Not Leona Helmsley


Regal at it's frilly finest.

A Necklace Fit for a Queen.

But not the Queen of Mean (Leona Helmsley?).

No -- this one is for the Queen of No-Holds-Barred Quintessence Couture.

The princess who likes it lush, glamorous and knows she's the one they came to see.

A tangled garland of feminine priss.

A festive collar of sumptuous color.

A tiara for your throat.

Custom made for you -- your Majesty.

Signed Kay Adams, A1212
Blast Collection, $395, Sold

Frogs of a Feather


Yes, frogs of a feather leap together!
Michelle has got to be one of the cutest Anthillians ever.

She's a retro "purist" and every accessory of hers is always so full of vintage charm and personality.

You ought to have seen her handbag she came in with the other day. Pink, laminated flowers -- IT WAS ADORABLE.
Well -- I think we must be sisters from a past life -- 'cause I like just what she likes!!
Even these two pics coordinate taken miles and days apart -- but there you go -- those frogs of a feather leaping together!
Michelle also likes Kay necklaces, and this was her latest fun piece! And you won't BELIEVE the other piece she got last visit. I hope she sends me a picture of herself wearing it -- and if so, I'll blog on that later . . . . DEFINITELY STAY TUNED!!! (Hint -- can you say "Queen Bee?") 8*D


Signed Kay Adams, A1428
Blast Collection, Sold




Signed Kay Adams
Wrist Wringer Collection
Many Styles, $45 each


05/25/09, Memorial Day

I once saw on a soldier's gravestone,

"For your tomorrow, we gave our today."

It gives me chills. It makes me think.

Thank you.

From the bottom of our hearts and the very air we have the privilege to breath,

To those who have served and protected our country.

Oh, Isn't it Just Delicious?


Yes, lovely Marilyn, it is!!

When I saw these little lavender and green leaf clip on earrings, I knew sparks were gonna fly.

This piece is soooo pretty.

The color combination is dreamy and, well, to borrow a great descriptive word from Marilyn Monroe, delicious!!

Enjoy the elements together as shown, but be sure and wear them individually too, because each one is it's own little show stopper!

Signed Kay Adams, A1402
Joy Collection, Sold

Pulling Rabbits Outta Hats


And do you know why I pull rabbits outta hats?

'Cause it's fun.

Oh -- and it's cute.

Signed Kay Adams, A0899
Bitz Collection, Sold




On Aladdin's Cloud!

It's was sooo nice flyin' high and feeling groovy while making this free spirited wacky whimsy.

Sometimes when I create I'm in a zone that is leading me to places I can't wait to get to.

The detail on this piece ABOUNDS!

The bottom "flower" is an showpiece in itself that I made out of the paddle backs off of old clip earrings.

There are stars and spankles and Swarovski diamond cut circles!

There is carnival glass, and opal florettes and hematite montees!!

There are 1920's bull's eye glass galore and rhinestone discs!!!

There is butterscotch moonglow, irridescent sugarbeads and oval dimpled cabochons!!!!

And Aladdin gets to fly and reside in all of it!!!!



Aladdin's a lucky guy.

Signed Kay Adams, A1380
Juice Collection, $345



Move over Paris Hilton. There's a new reason to use the phrase, "That's Hot!"

And here they are! -- Three beauties sporting the latest in one-of-a-kind Kay necklaces.

Precious Little Donna is all decked out in an UNBELIEVABLE chain collage that is gonna garner her more attention than, well, Paris Hilton herself. As if Donna needs any assistance getting attention.

And adorable Asianesque Dawn has on a tantalizing vineyard of rich gold capped grapes. (She got my giant red owl necklace recently and I HOPE I get a picture of her in that, because it was SMASHING!)

Classy Ms. Susan is looking HOT wearing a WOW-factor black and gold cluster necklace, guaranteed to look awesome with about any solid color in a wardrobe.

There's a secret I'm gonna let the whole world in on right now. You know how TV shows are often based on real-life people? Guess what?

These three girls are the REAL Charlie's Angels.

And you heard it here FIRST!!!

Now That's Hot!

Pearl Persuasion


If you like to look unique, then this piece is for you.

(Well, for that matter, then all my pieces are for you).

But seriously, this is a very unusually made piece that dances with retro color pearls that set each other off in the most playful way.

All vintage pearls, strung on twisted brass wire.

Soft. Fun. Different.

Signed Kay Adams, A0817
Posh Collection, $145

Have A Heart


As a matter of fact (or . . . love), have 8 of them!

Gold heart.

Silver heart.

Filigree heart.

Nugget heart.

Pearl heart.

Embossed heart.

Rhinestone heartS!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Signed Kay Adams, A0211
Joy Collection,

Turkish Savoir Faire


I wish I could share the detail of this piece in person.

Tiny little unexpected treasures are used to construct the sides of this necklace.

Each connection point is a miniature ''surprise,'' with little wisps and tails that hang in a most teasing manner, yet so nonchalantly.

Very different. Very charismatic.

Signed Kay Adams, A0869
Strike Collection, Sold

Riddle Me This


It's a haircomb.

Get it?

:) hehe

More importantly, it's CUTE!

Signed Kay Adams, A1341
Bitz Collection, $65



Mod and Chunky.

Eclectic and Showy.

Flirty and FabYOUlous!

Signed Kay Adams, A0502
Blast Collection,

How Do You Spell That?


Did you know at Anthill, you can buy any ready to hang Scrabble letter for $3?

You can spell anything (provided you can spell).

Here's a super abbreviated list of words we've spelled for customers:


Also great for zipper pulls, fan pulls, earrings, etc.

All come with a jumbo jumpring, and ready to clip on anything you desire.

Have Fun! I mean, H-A-V-E ☻ F-U-N!

Drilled ready to hang scrabble tiles, $3 ea.
Base chain, choice of 40 colors/styles, $15



Picture yourself being asked to make a camping necklace that would match with orange.

A camping necklace? An orange one? Exqueeze Me?

Yes, the lovely multi-talented fashion designer, Grace DuVal, needs necklaces for her tent dress entry in a WORLDWIDE WEARABLE ART SHOW being held half way across the globe in September.

I got busy -- just followed my gut -- and came up with this "camouflage" lizard as one of her options.

I made seven choices for her. I will reveal the ones she choose at a later date.

In the meantime, enjoy the this crazy little lizard number!

Signed Kay Adams, A1427
Juice Collection, $325

PS -- a pictorial of the dress will be revealed in September, after the competition! 8*D

Other blog entries on Grace DuVal:
Bath Bomb Genius
This Girl Rocks It!
Rise, Phoenix, Rise
Vote Tomato!
New Zealand Bound
Marie Antoinette's Peacock

Model is Melanie Hearn

Fobbing for Treasures


Like bobbing for apples, only done with antiques.

Every sharp-dressed man use to carry a pocket watch.

And every pocket watch had a goldfilled or silver fob and swivel from which it hung.

Here is a collection of such pieces of watch history and a vintage ladies watch serving to complete the lavalier style design.

I'll take fobbing for treasures over bobbing for apples anyday.

Signed Kay Adams, A1127
Toc Collection, Sold

Cameo Eden


Have you ever seen such a diminutive collection of baby cameos?

Much less altogether on one necklace for a lifetime of enjoyment!

Nine antique miniature cameos are displayed together to be an enviable collection to the onlooker and proud collection for the owner.

All pieces from many walks of life -- some real shell, some glass, some resin.

All undeniable beautiful.

It's a Garden of Cameo Eden!

Signed Kay Adams, A1035
Lore Collection, Sold

Happy Mother's Day, Mom ♥


People often comment on how special it is to be able to work with my mother.

It truly, truly is.

I love you, Mom.

Happy Mother's Day.

No Denying Pretty


There really is no denying pretty.

Take Christie Brinkley, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry.

When it is, it is.

This is.

Signed Kay Adams, A1415
Lux Collection, $165, Sold

*note -- center piece is a reversed carved and hand painted glass -- it is simply beautiful in person --

Lil' Ladybug


We all know Lil' Kim. And now Lil' Rounds (from this season of American Idol).

But now you know Lil' Ladybug -- or, more accurately, Lil' Ladybugs!

Tiny little ladybugs are mounted in vintage watch cases, poking and playing inside their little retro homes.

These were all former postback earrings, stickpins, or lapel pins.

The last little piece on the right is a tiny shell rose, which gives these lovely little ladybugs a place to light when they are done playing in their ladybug dollhouses!

Each miniature "shadowbox" is removable for individual wear.

Hangs from vintage baby pearl chain and is adjustable up to approximately 18".

Signed Kay Adams, A1367
Toc Collection, $195

Fruits & Veggies 4 Sale!


This is my fruit & vegetable medley, and I love how it turned out.

The colors POP so well together. It looked good before I added the magic ingredient -- the vintage teal moonglow buttons!!

But after I added them -- it was LIGHTS, CAMERA, FRUIT & VEGETABLE ACTION!!

Go out and have a good time -- but make sure you stop at the local farmer's market if you get hungry -- don't eat your necklace.

It will NOT taste good. A necklace maker, I am. But as a foodie I fail. (That's why my husband does all the cookin!)

Signed Kay Adams, A1398
Blast Collection, $185