Free Bird


Lynyrd Skynyrd did it with perfectly selected lyrics.

I do it with carefully modified elements.

Both free birds rock . . .

And I must be travelling on now . . .

to bed . . .

good night.

Signed Kay Adams, A1383
Lux Collection,

Two's Company


Yes -- two's definitely company -- especially when it's CHOCOLATE BRONZE PEARLS!

Another in this series with the FABULOUS stock of retro Japanese glass pearls (from WWII).

This asymmetrical number is strangely decadent with it's two off-center bronze pearls.

It consists of a combo of distressed off white pearls, one perfectly out-of-step gray pearl, and the two chocolate bronze pearls that have the lead role in this decadent cast of other pearl supporters.

Signed Kay Adams, A0973
Posh Collection, $165

It's A Go . . .


Haskell Inspired? Check.

Vintage? Check.

Unique? Check.

Party Dress? Check.

Jeans? Check.

It's a go . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A0974
Posh Collection, $195, Sold

Simply Complex


A rich rose and yellow gold 1940's floral brooch becomes mesmerizing in this asymmetrical sideswept piece of wearable art.

Simply Complex.

If you know what I mean.

Signed Kay Adams, A1411
Strike Collection, $155


Hold Fast


You've got to meet this girl. This is Angie and she's the coolest thing this side of Mars.

I love everything about her -- her spirit, her smile, her happiness, her uninhibitedness (is that a word?).

The point is, Angie just has a wonderful sense of self and enjoys every minute of it.

I think her tatoo's are undeniably captivating and I am honored to have earned a place on Angie's neck with all the tatoo art.

We found a necklace that blended, yet also stood out with all her amazing ink.

She loved this piece because of all of the art deco items. Mirror back dress clips and marquis collar pins of yesterday -- and a 1940's milk glass flower -- an odd and unexpected combination of single items that find harmony collectively.

Her neck is tatoo'd on the back in large beautiful script the words "Hold Fast" -- she was telling me how her uncle was in the navy and how it honored him and was a term meaning stand strong and be courageous.

I glean an essence of "be who you are" in that beautiful adage, and one in which Angie strongly believes in and adheres to.

I do too.

Hold fast, beautiful girl, hold fast.

Signed Kay Adams, A1299
Lux Collection, Sold



Simple and sweet.

I feel complete.

Signed Kay Adams, A1406
Bitz Collection, $55

Love Birds ♥♥♥



I love them, and they love each other.

Peachy-Limey lovebird love.


Signed Kay Adams, A1408
Strike Collection, $145

But Don't Scrap It . . .


A labor of love.

My Lore Collection is filled with labors of love . . .
and an innate understanding that all vintage jewelry, no matter how plain, old, weathered or worn, has untapped redemption and virtue.

Many of these elements were former unengraved signet brooches of gold filled and sterling from the 1950's.

The back findings have been meticulously filed away and then drilled through to hang them in irresistible collective sequence.

The chain from which they hang is a sterling curb link design and valuable in it's own right.

A stylish and sophisticated piece! And ironically contemporary.

And who knows, with today's silver and gold prices, it could scrap for more than it's selling for!

But don't scrap it . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A0727
Lore Collection, $325

April Showers


Look! It's been raining so much, that this year the April showers have brought, appropriately, APRIL FLOWERS!!

What a delightful conglomeration of color, size, texture, scale and APRIL FRIVOLITY!

Be alive. Feel alive. Look alive.

A necklace like this will make it happen.

(Picture it peering out from under your open-necked button-front white collared shirt, which you are wearing with either a little blace skirt, or, equally as tantalizing, your jeans).

YAY April! YAY flower collar necklaces!

Signed Kay Adams, A0975
Blast Collection, $225

Sword Sophisticate


An former Spanish damascene sword pin has been gracefully transformed into an eye-catching necklace.

Damascene is a technique of inlaying gold and silver on etched and oxidized steel to produce beautiful decorative designs.

It has come to be known as a trademark artform of Toledo, Spain.

And interesting -- it's quite a popular artform in Japan also, where it is referred to as Amita, so named after the Amita Damascene Manufacturing Company, Kyoto, Japan.

Classic good looks, fantastic history.

Signed Kay Adams, A1172
Bitz Collection, Sold




This WILD WOMAN necklace is free spirited and free wheeling!!

NOTHING will hold back the woman who will wear a piece like this.

Multiple chains crash into each other with random abandonment.

Giant black and gold flowers JUMP out of nowhere to jazz and EXCITE!!!

Surprisingly light weight, as many of the chains used where goldplated aluminum and faceted crystal clear acrylic.

Golds, silvers and clears and POPS of POIGNANT BLACK give this piece PUNCH, JOLT, and UNPARALLELED SHOWMANSHIP.

Signed Kay Adams, A1225
Juice Collection, $450, Sold

Million Watt Baby


Ok -- this beauty came into Anthill several weeks ago and FLIPPED over this antique collage of former dress clips.

She treated herself for upcoming graduation from nursing school, if I have that correct.

I call her million watt baby -- because that smile of hers is a million watts bright. We should all be so lucky.

But you know what the awesomest thing to me was?? See the bottom pic here -- showcasing just the necklace? That's been her facebook profile pic ever since she bought the necklace. Now that makes a designer beam like a million watts!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1311
Lux Collection, Sold

Romancing the Bow . . .



Gold and silvertone vintage bows, some sterling, some goldwashed, some rhinestone, have been set free from their former pinbacks and drilled and hung in the most delightful dance for your neck.

Softly draped with seed pearl streamers for complete romance. ♥

Signed Kay Adms, A1067
Lore Collection, Sold

Rock Around the Clock!


Daring and dramatic. Edgy and fun.

Full size antique pocket-watch enamel faces are mounted onto retro plastic "bezels" and draped with blackened aluminum chain for a look that is unparalleled.

Those little round diamond cut circles ARE ON FIRE in person! Come by the shop and see them GLINT and SHINE. It's a showstopper, and so much more so in person!!

It's TIME to rock, baby!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1372
Toc Collection, $295
, Sold

The Necklace Next Door


The best way to describe filigree is "metal lace".

It is a BEAUTIFUL art form, often Portuguese, that I have long been a fan of.

This necklace is so comfortable, so versatile, it could be worn everyday.

Very unassuming, yet so lovely to look at -- kind of like the girl next door, in necklace form.

It includes extractions from bracelets, earrings and a Victorian buckle, which is the centerpiece.

It's a take-home-to-mom type of keeper -- the proverbial classic.

Signed Kay Adams, A1396
Lore Collection, $195, Sold

Looks Count


Looks good enough to eat.

Looks good enough to wear to Grand Cayman.

Looks good enough to wear to work.

Looks good enough to wear with your Sunday best.

Looks good enough to casually jazz up your jeans and tee.

Looks GOOD.

Signed Kay Adams, A1337
Joy Collection, Sold

Three. 3. Tres.


Not 1.

Not 2.

Three. 3. Tres.

Antique (c. 1930's) child's "building block" style green-edged toy number 3.

And a big 3, at that.

Drilled, diamond-studded, hung from black pinned diamond cut crystal. Removable element.

Adjustable to 18".

Signed Kay Adams, A0772
Bitz Collection, $40


Radiant Rebecca


You've seen me blog on this beauty in the past -- (click to see)

It's the radiant Rebecca Pennington.

This is a bomb of a pearl necklace that her husband walked into the shop and bought her "just because."

I'm telling you -- he's a great guy.

She's wearing this in the Big Apple, if I'm not mistaken.

And when Rebecca wears 'em -- people notice 'em!!


Signed Kay Adams, A0206
Posh Collection, Sold

A Cross for Easter


A joyous cross for a joyous day.

Happy Easter!

Signed Kay Adams, A1009
Strike Collection, $110, Sold

Marry Me Little Turtle


Ok -- this is my little brother, aka Doc Wallace. He is a history professor.

This is his BRIDE, Melinda Spencer and . . . drum roll please . . .
as of today, Melinda Spencer WALLACE!!

She's a GIFTED science teacher for AP students.


I'm not really here typing this. I pre-blogged and right now I'm at the wedding!!!

This is a photo from when the lovebirds took a cruise together to Alaska. Mark "Doc" bought her the turtle necklace to surprise her. ♥Melinda LOVES turtles!♥

Her wedding dress is stunning -- and I made the necklace to go with it!! Definitely stay tuned so I can blog on that once the photographs are developed!!!



Signed Kay Adams, A0322
Joy Collection, Sold

Good Friday?


Good Friday.

The name always perplexed me.

I understand historically it was known as God Friday.

An antique crucifix is transformed into a necklace that will make you reflect, take a second look and think.

Drilled and gracefully adorned to emphasize the grace and sentiment behind the piece.

Signed Kay Adams, A0999
Strike Collection, $95

Welcome to the Re-Creative Revolution


Redo, recycle, remake.

Recreate, reinvent, revamp.

Reinterpret, remaster, retool.

Rethink, reinspire, recaptivate.

Tuxedo studs see the light of day in the 21st century.

Supposing we didn't take it upon ourselves in this world of mass production and over-saturation to not reinvent the wheel.

The landfills would further fill. That left to gather dust would do nothing but die. The jewelry underdogs of the world would remain unloved, unnoticed.

So Hip Hip Hooray for going green. And the power and beauty of reinvention.

Signed Kay Adams, CR (Certified Recyclista), A0705
Juice Collection, $395

Past, Present, Future


Vintage engraved charms have come together in life to celebrate a new journey.

Helen, Phillip, Mildred, Evelyn and Eliza.

A cherished past.

A creative present.

A beautiful future.

Signed Kay Adams, A1339
Lore Collection, $155








Signed Kay Adams, A1170
Bitz Collection, $85

Beads & Baubles & Buttons, Oh My!


Ok -- I've been known to admit that I am not that inspired by buttons, but these wonderful old mother-of-pearls pieces aligned with the pale green beach opal beads and all of the sudden I saw visions of pearls sprinkled about and Voila -- a button necklace I would LOVE to wear!


But I only wear my tried-and-true rhinestone one.

So this one's for . . . you?

Signed Kay Adams, A1377
Joy Collection, Sold

I Think So


Antique Victorian fob on braided gold chain.

Knotted pearls with front toggle closure.

I think so.

Signed Kay Adams, A1375
Posh Collection, $135, Sold

Madame Butterfly


A Giacomo Puccini operatic masterpiece which premiered in 1904 at La Scala in Milan.

My Madame Butterfly:

Signed Kay Adams, A1249
Strike Collection, Sold



Sometimes, just sometimes, I know when to stop.

But it only happens when the piece I'm holding in my creation-hungry hands can tell me to step back, reflect and keep it simple.

Such is the case with this exquisite, antiquated bird.

He told me he wanted to stand alone -- to fly solo.

I couldn't agree with him more.

Signed Kay Adams, A0110
Strike Collection, Sold

Think Twice, Marry Once


Antique wedding dress lace was actually used to make this captivating and subtle, yet quite dramatic necklace.

It drips with baby vintage pearls, as tiny vines climb their way toward the sun.

On baroque crystal chain for a natural, almost water-like feel.

Signed Kay Adams, A0733
Strike Collection, Sold

No More Blogging . . .


April Fool's!

Guess that was predictable.

But, thankfully, my necklaces are not.

Heck, I know no one could predict what I'll come up with next, because I don't even ever know.

So here's a definitive unpredictable amalgamation.

This has been described to me as "a little pocketbook with a garden growing out of it."

Works for me.

It's a 3-D collage of tiny wonderments and vintage adornments in golds and ivories, blues and greens.

Birds and pearly bits spring outward and defy you to be anything but joyous when you see it!

Happy April Fool's.

But we're not fools.

We're art lovers.

Signed Kay Adams, A1058
Strike Collection, $325