About Kay Adams

Kay Adams is the prolific designer behind her namesake line of jewelry. The Kay Adams collection is comprised largely of statement necklaces hand-crafted from genuine vintage items that Adams sources both globally and from within her own shop, Anthill Antiques.  Adams' sought-after work is recognized and collected locally, nationally, and internationally.

Her career as a craftsman and artist began in 1996 when she started re-designing chandeliers at Anthill Antiques, a ‘main street USA’ shop owned and operated by Adams and her mother, Judy Rogers. Importing vintage chandelier crystals from across the globe, Adams was constantly surrounded and inspired by rare and obscure crystal styles. With these unique crystal offerings and a skill for crafting elaborate chandeliers, she quickly generated local buzz and built a strong following of loyal fans.

It would only be natural that Kay’s eye for crystal and chandeliers would eventually manifest into jewelry design. An enormous collection of vintage jewelry has always been at the heart of Anthill’s overwhelming – yet fastidiously organized – mix of merchandise.  So she designed a necklace from an array of old rhinestone earrings, fashioning a ‘chandelier necklace’ – a playful and chic reflection to commemorate her many custom chandeliers. The necklace captivated the hearts of her fans, and a demand for Kay Adams statement necklaces was instantly ignited.

Kay’s inventive necklaces run the gamut from timeless and classic to over-the-top runway art. She pulls off the simplest of designs with the same unerring eye that she gives to the elaborate pieces. Every aspect of each necklace is precisely thought through. From the extreme versatility of the removable elements of many of her designs, to the stacking and layering effect they so easily lend themselves to, not one necklace escapes a slant -- be it beauty, invention or function that will inevitably draw in even the most disinterested passerby.

The jewelry line has grown to have a dedicated and strong following. Many collectors have a jewelry box loaded with Kay Adams. The known top collector has amassed a stunning 30 piece collection and a leading Royal Family boasts 25 of her pieces.

What sets Kay Adams apart? A proven infinite and often unconventional mind for creative ideas, paired with an unparalleled mastery of technical skills brings the art of Kay Adams to life.