Come Hither & Meet the Prez!


Sherry is a trip . . . no, wait . . . Sherry is an ADVENTURE IN THIS WORLD, and I do believe she could be described as Lucille Ball -- with an edge and . . . LOTS O' BLING!

And this lovely JoOLeRy-loon appears to have found her calling as a professional jewelry lover --- and perhaps even more importantly as the creator and President(?) of a KAJA facebook support group -- ie, for Kay Adams Jewelry Addiction.

I don't know whether to be flattered or worried that my constituency will reform! LOL

The pure jewelry passion that clearly overtakes Sherry is completely obvious in statements such as. . . "Is it wrong that I just want to come into Anthill, get naked and roll around in all these jewels?"

No Sherry, IT IS NOT!!! And as a fellow DEVOTEE, I concur!!

I get it -- IT DOESN'T GET OLD! I'm as eat up with it as the day we started our GLITZ-ridden, SWAROVSKI-coated, BLING-overloaded, DIAMOND-dazzled, RHINESTONE-studded shop!

Her Royal Highness Sherry defines the KAJA support group fanpage with the following questions:

Do you own more than one piece of Kay's jewelry?
Are your thoughts consumed by her designs?
Do you have to visit Anthill to touch a KA designed piece ...even though the signs say "do not touch?"


ROCK ON PREZ -- this creatin' fool DIGGS YA!!
Here is some of Sherry's faboolus BOOTAY . . .



The bloomiest
stack attack
ever!! :)

This piece is comprised of necklaces:

A1996-$195.  Item Sold.  Please email for similar design.
A1997-$195.  Item Sold.  Please email for similar design.
A1998-$195.  Item Sold.  Please email for similar design.

Signed Kay Adams, L2020
Juice Collection



And boy does Holly Hobby take me back!!!

So glad I can still enjoy her in my grown up years!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A2163
Strike Collection, Available

The Other Martha


Move over Martha Stewart . . .
Martha of  The Confetti Chronicles is in town!

This former attorney turned mother-of-four, crafty design diva and president of her own charitable foundation could show Ms. Stewart a thing or two . . .

Especially about jools! 

Martha is a talented jewelry maker in her own right, so I'm even more honored when she adds to her growing little collection of Kay's.

I know your four chillins' and mulitple endeavors keep your schedule tight Martha, but I definitely hope to catch you on your next visit to Richmond!! 

And until then we'll -- no doubt -- both be keeping up the cre8tive craf10! :))

 Signed Kay Adams, A1009
Strike Collection, Sold

A Fine Blue Diva


A vintage blue rhinestone necklace was lengthened and an uncannily matching moonstone brooch added to the bottom, turning this sweet baby blue
into a fine blue diva!

Let the good times roll . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A2190
Strike Collection, Sold

Take Flight


Provocative wile, sinister and sweet.

It beckoned me forth, a dare incomplete.

Compelled to go, distressed to stay,

I wandered forth, challenged to play.

Truth it was, blunt and pure, balanced by beauty, such tempting allure.

Taken in, now calm and sure, the wings of wonder allowed me to soar.

~ Kay Adams

Signed Kay Adams, A2061
Strike Collection, Sold

Victorian sterling repousse buckle
Victorian sterling Japanese hallmarked claw.

5807 Heaven!


A limerick for Anne. . .

I know lady who is quite smart.
And the store she owns is full of ART!!
The Shops at 5807
Are like a slice of heaven.

Ok, ok, ok -- I'll stick to jewelry making. 

Seriously, Anne and her sister Leigh are the dynamic duo behind the Shops at 5807, truly a great Richmond hub for art -- art of all kinds!! . . . art for you, art to wear, art for your home, art for your walls.

I'm always thrilled to be on this local treasure's neck -- she see's a lot of art, and I KNOW she's got a discerning eye.  And to that I say, YAY! . . . and to check them out!! :)

Signed Kay Adams, A1647 & A1742
Pop Collection, Sold

Turks and Caicos


Turks and Caicos done
the . . .

Turqs and Kayco's way!

Signed Kay Adams, A2000
Blast Collection, Available

It's the Little Things in Life


And sometimes in jewelry as well.

Former Victorian marcasite watch hanger.

Onyx bracelet link.

Vintage pearl.

Platinum crystal.

Signed Kay Adams, A1954
Bitz Collection, Sold



Donna knows a good thing when she sees it!! I LOVE her eye!!

From chandeliers to jools --- she knows the good stuff. She's been an Anthillian for years, and she's been collecting Kay's from the beginning days!

Loved her latest stack combo!~!

Come by soon Donna!! We love seeing you and what your
latest JOYS will be!! :))

Signed Kay Adams, A1683, A1481
Joy & Lux Collections, Sold

Beautiful Deterioration


Antique reversed carved, handpainted glass.

Wasn't drilled for mounting. 

Wasn't sealed -- unprotected back fully exposed.

Paint was badly cracking, peeling and chipping.

It was pitiful . . .

And completely beautiful.

Lovingly restored.

Signed Kay Adams, A1970
Bitz Collection, Available



There's not many things that can put a happier smile on my face than knowing that the whole family is decked out in their Kay's. Mom Melinda (on the left) sent me these pics of her daughter, Jenna, and daughter-in-law Britney, wearing the Kay necklaces they all got for Christmas.

You girls make my day!! Nothing on this earth is better than family . . . although jOoLeRy is a clooooose second! :)
Yes, indeed family rox and so do family rocks!!
Hope to meet Jenna and Britney in person one day and to see you again this year, Melinda!

Thank you for sharing the pics of your beautiful girlzz!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1847, A1370, A1729
Lore & Toc Collections, Sold

Double Good 2 Go Green!


Happy St. Patty's Day!!  A double good reason to Go Green! :-D

Signed Kay Adams, A1263
Juice Collection, Sold

Just Say When . . .


I don't always know why the trans-
formed treasures work together.

But I know when it's right.


Signed Kay Adams, A1743
Joy Collection, Sold

In a Sea of Pearls


It is a want.

It is the pull of a vast ocean of unchartered beauty. 

A whisper of undiscovered shores . . . a comfort.

Signed Kay Adams, A2168
Posh Collection, Available



Woohoo!! It's me birthday!

And it was a GORGEOUS day in Carytown. Good sales, happy customers, purring cats!!!

Thank you everyone for the faBOOLOUS facebook bday wishes!!  And also for the above saweeeeet surprise from the awesome folks at the Mezzanine,  not only an award-winning Richmond restaurant, but also OUR fantastic Carytown next door neighbors (are we lucky or what???).

(Nostalgic picture of me a couple (hundred) years ago . . . sigh . . .)



Five inexplicably cohesive PRETTY vintage brooches = quintessential beauty.

Five independently REMOVABLE vintage brooches = quintessential ENJOYABILITY!

Signed Kay Adams, A1702
Posh Collection, Sold

Creature of the UN-Commonplace


“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”

~ Cecil Beaton, photographer and fashion designer

Signed Kay Adams, A1425
Strike Collection, Sold 



An aquamarine beauty in honor of all the March babies!

It's as pretty a flower as ever I've seen!

Signed Kay Adams, A2040
Bitz Collection, $65, Sold

Q & A


Q:  Kay, might I fall forward
from the weight of this colossal necklace?

A:  Yes, probably.

Signed Kay Adams, A2114
Strike Collection, Sold

Pop Quiz


It's mandatory I start making earrings, because:

a) The mannequin is so damn cool.
b) Customers have been requesting me to do it for quite some time.
c) Some of  B, but mainly A.
d) All of the above, with a strong emphasis on A.

Ok -- so there is no wrong answer, but is it obvious I dig my mannequin?

Seriously -- I am making earrings and they are selling -- COME GET YOU SOME!!!

Just as inventive and fabu one-of-a-kind as the necklaces.

I'm even making some that become elements on your necklace once you remove them from the earring findings.  COOL 'THE-GIFT-THAT-KEEPS-ON-GIVING' EARRING BEANS!!!

Signed Kay Adams, E2133
Ear Ringer Collection, $60

Bakelite BOMB


Soooo that's where all my vintage bakelite spacers went . . . ;-)

Attention PETB members (People for the Ethical Treatment of Bakelite) -- all mint condition Bakelite spacers are in unaltered, original condition -- no holes permeate the spacers, ie -- no bakelite bangles were harmed in the making of this necklace. :D

Thus you may enjoy your bakelite RE-creation guilt free.

Each marbled bangle removes to wear independently, so you can wear as few or as many on the necklace as desired.  And if on some future day you decide to go back to the creation's wrist-wearing roots, you may take off your spacers, clip the hand-wired 'diamond' bails, and enjoy them as the bracelets they were born as!

Fantastic looking.

Super versatile.

Historically collectible.

Signed Kay Adams, A2002
Pop Collection, $325