BOO 2!


BOO Again!

Big Black Bat. Gussied up and ready for a night on the Halloween Town!

Antique mirrored sides, chains and tassels, rivets and the classic winged bat.




Mamma Mia!


Could they be any better looking?? Meet gorgeous Mia and handsome Justin. They got married in September . . . are you ready for this? ON THE ISLAND OF MAUI in HAWAII! (Some people just don't know how to live).

And how beautiful does her necklace look? That's the piece she picked out for her dress and goodness does she have an eye. Vintage marcasite elements are centered by a stunning original Weiss brooch, probably one of the first Weiss pieces made. Weiss started manufacturing in New York City in 1942 and continued until 1971. Their jewelry has become some of the most highly collectible on the costume jewelry market today. They are known for their use of superior quality crystals, unparalleled craftsmanship and classic design.

And that suits Mia to a tee -- unparalleled and classic.

I will blog again soon about Mia and Justin, because I want you to see the beautiful Kay necklace Justin bought her as a gift for their Hawaiian honeymoon. Stay tuned . . .

A0273, SOLD

Tale of the Blue Bow


I really don't have any tale to tell. But doesn't that sound like a great title for a good read . . .

"Tale of the Blue Bow ". . . .

Put the necklace on and let the book start writing itself.

As you wear it, the adventures of the novel will unfold, in real life, real time.

Excuse me though, I digress (as per usual).

This sweet antique bow used to be a dress clip. That is, it had a wide spring loaded "paddle" in the back, and ladies would clamp this into the "V" of their dress usually.

It showed that decolletage off well in the roaring 20's, you know.

Well, charmingly updated for current wear, the old back mechanism is gone and some blue stones have been replaced. The sides of the bows became adorned with rhinestone-studded anchors to hold the gracefully embellished chain and . . .

thus the Tale of the Blue Bow gets to begin.

Enjoy the read, enjoy the ride!

Signed Kay Adams, A0713
Strike Collection, $110, Sold

Ode to My Mentor


Does anyone know the name Miriam Haskell? If you are a serious vintage jewelry connoisseur you do. If not, this could be a new name for you. But she is the Marilyn Monroe of collectible jewelry. She is the icon to which all jewelry makers and collectors aspire.

She opened her first jewelry salon in 1926 in Manhattan. She was famous for her use of intricate baroque pearl designs and for the rich Russian gold patina that is present in most all of her vintage work. Many of her pieces didn't survive as the pearls were hand wire-wrapped. Through the years, moisture and time take their tole and pieces are found in varying states of seeming disrepair. But their beauty shines through in spite of the damage -- that's just how gorgeous it is. It's like even when it's bad it's good. Does that make sense?

Well I tweak and re-bead, add and embellish, and stop in mid-stream the piece from sustaining further damage, and then put it back into the world to be loved yet again. Haskell speaks to me, and as I claim, Haskell channels me. Her older more collectible pieces sell for THOUSANDS of dollars. So it's probably not a bad investment to get this piece of double layer art. If you're into collectible costume jewelry and you haven't ever researched Haskell, you simply must. It is some of the most profoundly beautiful jewelry you will ever see.

Signed Kay Adams. $295

A0747, SOLD

Any clue?


Any clue as to what it is?

Ok -- this is a manifestation of my quote, "I find just as much inspiration in discardable items as I do rare jewels. In fact, I think I am even more challenged and determined to help such items find a reason to be."

Look closely -- closer, clooooser. RIGHT!! Yes! It IS the backs of cufflinks.

A bitch to make, a beauty to behold.

WHY is it hard to make? Try and remove a cufflink top from it's pivoted back. Just do one. Now do it about 30 times. Now make sure the top of each pivot back is sanded perfectly smooth. No snagging allowed. Signed Kay Adams.

Blogger labor of love price $195

Boop Boop Bedo


Once in a while I reign it in and do something on a smaller scale. Kind of difficult for me to think in terms of diminutive instead of GRANDIOSE.

But alas, when the right picture of Betty unwittingly aligns with the right antique buckle, what's necklace-making-nut to do?

So it is. A beautiful little Boop!

Signed Kay Adams.




Shut up and drive


An awesome collection of vehicular themed beauties have stayed the course and decided to plant their wheels permanently in one of my favorite quirky collages.

Choo choo's or buggies, stagecoach or bicycle, if it rolled, it earned a parking place on this ride of life.

I think Rihanna should give it a spin. Does someone mind calling her up and telling her about it?

Signed Kay Adams.







Ok -- I need everyone to do me, and more importantly an amazing talented VCU Fashion Design student, Grace DuVal, a favor. She has WON a statewide competition for this GLORIOUS tomato outfit she designed for the Florida Tomato Association, which netted her a cool $1,000. Now she is in the running for the NATIONAL competition, from which the public decides the winner. She now has the chance to win another $2,000. PLEASE VOTE FOR HER. SHE IS EXTREMELY TALENTED.

***MAJOR NOTE!!!>>> The image above is ACTUALLY being used as the poster on the side of the Florida Tomato Association vans that travel along the east coast!!***

Did I mention, I made her couture necklace for the outfit?
(What else would you do when someone asks you for a tomato necklace? We've got vines, a few cherry tomatoes (red coral), a touch of sparkle for good jewelry measure, and even a bumble bee buzzing about. . . you know, your typical tomato necklace).

Purchase this celebrated piece for $195
Signed Kay Adams, A1214, Sold

Go to: to vote!

**Model is Melanie Hearn

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World Peace


Seven little circular raw brass peace signs hang from a faceted crystal chain and beckon peace for each continent . . .

Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia.


Signed Kay Adams. Limited Ed.



A Chandelier Necklace?


No, just a normal chandelier, so to speak.

I know this is a necklace blog, but I make chandeliers too, and felt the need to let one of them have a day in the spotlight. This adorable six light fixture is chocked full of yummy beauties . . . apples and pears and colorful raindrops and blown glass balls. It even has rhinestone tassels hanging about to give it every ounce of glamour it deserves! Pink silk dupioni shades with pale pink sequin fringe are the the crowning touch to this beautiful, custom piece.


By Kay Adams

P.S. -- you are welcome to TRY to wear it around your neck, but I think comfort might be an issue.


Inside Einstein's Brain


It's what the inside of Einstein's brain looks like in MY world, anyway. I picture it technical and mechanical, yet whimsical and beautiful. I picture it a cerebrum like no other, a one of a kind brain. It had begun to get old and weathered but it had aged gracefully and intriguingly. It was fascinating and stimulating -- and was destined to be studied by many future scientists and masterminds. Einstein can, should and undoubtedly DOES inspire ANYONE, even a jewelry maker. What a man, what a man, what a mighty, mighty good man.

Composed of a late 1800's paisley shaped former cloak buckle, 1930's gold-washed sterling rhinestone brooch, and a 1920's floral art nouveau dress clip.




Roses are green?


Is it just me, or is this the most drop-dead gorgeous necklace IN THE WORLD??

In the 1950's and 60's a jewelry manufacturing company, Giovanni, made hundreds of the most lovely detailed and articulated rose pins. Gold and silver ones are plentiful, but these old enameled ones are far more rare. And this color combination is just utterly AMAZING.

All the roses have had their backs ground off and have then been assemble into this tangled delight of color and texture. Rhinestone studded chains permanently hold the roses in place, while tumbled stones of turquoise and quartz dance between the magical beauty. Signed Kay Adams


A0934 SOLD

Chained Melody


What a provocative little wonder this split-personality necklace turned out to be.

A little bit edgy, a little rocker chick, a little sci-fi, a little dream catcher, a little bit of a corset, a little spider web.

Yet, somehow, it is still simply soft and gorgeous.

The sides of this piece started life as a hinged rhinestone cuff. I cut away the hinges, sanded the edges and carefully and time-consumingly flattened the cuff. Then a former round buckle became the medallion from which the intertwined chains drape.

Add matching chains to the top to weave the ensemble together, and Chained Melody is born.

Welcome aboard life, Chained Melody. So glad to have you!

Signed Kay Adams, A0140
Strike Collection, $295, Sold



All my black babies at once in the most hair-raising, rhinestone-studded, hunchbacked, hiss-inducing indulgence ever!

The focal cat is a FABULOUS collectible vintage rhinestone piece with what is known as a "trembler" tail -- it's on a spring and it shakes!

And her delightful vintage brothers and sister each have added ''twinkles'' to their toes -- um -- paws.

Each black beauty can be removed and worn solo.


And, Happy Every Day, because as an owner of a SWWEEEEETT black cat named Picchu, I know everyday is a good black cat day!

Signed Kay Adams, A1044
Joy Collection, $195, Sold

Swim Fishy Swim


When I saw this most adorable googly-eyed fish I knew he had to be in my foster care and nursed back to his former enchanted swimming sea life. I knew he missed his surroundings, the beauty of the deep gorgeous ocean, and indeed, I made it my duty to release him back into those waters.

Now he swims in glorious peace surrounded by that which he loves, seaweeds, and lily pads, rhinestone-studded ocean crustaceans and sea flora.

He's a happy fish. Signed Kay Adams.

Blogged at $295



The Choir is Singing . . .


Sometimes a plan just comes together. Sometimes the choirs sing in perfect harmony. Sometimes the stars are aligned, or perhaps, the balls.

The colors, the textures, the sizes. It simply worked. And it looks lovely on. Adjustable to 18".




Anyone hungry?


A necklace you can eat? Well I abstain from any digestive liability if you chow down, besides then you wouldn't be able to enjoy wearing it.

I get a kick out of riddles buried within my necklaces. And this is no exception. Can you make out the edible pun? It's a British favorite.

I'm not gonna tell you, as it's funner, um, excuse me, more fun, to guess. Nah, funner! (And easy). :)



Sleepless nights . . .


Sleep is overrated anyway.

No, not really. I CHERISH my rest and get plenty of it. It takes a clear head to make something this chaotic.

Honestly, I made this in the sunlight of the day. But it does look like a restless night. It sucks you into it's world and demands attention. It wants to be taken out on the town and have people point in glee and curiosity and in humor and envy.

Certainly and totally unduplicatable. A crazy mixture of charms and motifs with two giant red coral beads to anchor this wild and woolly piece.

fun, fuN, FUN!

Signed Kay Adams, A0818
Blast Collection, $285, Sold

Life is but a puzzle . . .


It's a puzzle and a mystery.

There is a strange and constant connection between dissimilar people and places and yes, things.

Things that will wind up together and that one would never suspect could have any common ground; in essence, that these two ships that crossed in the night would work so well together.

In this case the ships are antique rhinestone brooches, and in this case, many "ships" converged to create this unsuspected unified beauty.

I love this mystery. I love this puzzle. I love that these unrelated brooches that have survived literally decades of love and wear, by many different owners, in an indeterminable geographic spanse, have wound up in my life.

What are the odds? And now they can continue on in their journey, in my journey, and your journey. Their time is not up. Their time will never be up. The mystery will continue. The puzzle progresses. . .

Eleven antique brooches and dress clips, all fully restored, all backs removed and ground smooth, all permanently hinged together.

$695 A0735 SOLD

Chasing Waterfalls . . .


If I could capture the waterfalls of the world, Niagara or Angel, Victoria or Iguassu, and put them it into wearable art, this is what I imagine. Cascading bundles of rhinestone, with falling crystal chains . . . pops of pearl over spray . . . . a bubbling pool at the bottom where the falls meet the basin. It's the beauty of nature transformed for your body. It's Niagara Falls for you neck. Very heavy piece. Signed Kay Adams.




Fly me to the moon . . .


This piece of hand-beaded Victorian lace has defied the odds and withstood the test of time. The most delightful dragonfly I have ever seen with jet black carnival glass seed beads sewn on with the precision of a surgeon. He is flying towards an iridescent black celestial orb, because that's what Victorian dragonflies like to do.

Adjustable to 16 inches. Signed Kay Adams.

Blog offered at $75.


Whattaya Say to Taking Chances?


This piece screams TAKE A CHANCE. GO FOR IT! It's yours. Own Your Moment.

The Wow Factor is in overdrive. The Charisma if off the charts. This piece WANTS IT'S CHANCE. Celine Dion is singing. . . I think Celine WANTS this necklace!!! . . . (ok--I'm getting carried away -- but isn't that what this necklace is about?). I feel like Bruno Tonioli right now -- maybe HE wants this necklace -- or certainly somebody on Dancing with the Stars does. Better yet --- YOU be the STAR. Whattaya Say? Take those CHANCES!

Signed Kay Adams




Heathcliff it's me . . .


Like the great loves of a literary masterpiece, this piece provokes passion. I view it as Heathcliff and Cathy from Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. And I hear the song being sung in the most stirring rendition ever recorded, by the incomparable Pat Benatar, when I look at it . . .

"Out on the winding, windy moors we'd roll and fall in green. You had a temper like my jealousy too hot, too greedy. How could you leave me, when I needed to possess you? I hated you, I loved you, too."

Or . . . maybe it's ET and Elliot, but either way, it's love.

All backs removed, ground smooth. Piece is drilled and hinged together in passionate permanence. Signed Kay Adams.


A0941, Sold

Cosmic Bliss


Ok -- I don't what planet I was on when I decided to make this, but I think I'd like to live there!

I did have visions of something way-out having been inspired by the huge rhinestone-studded silver ball at the top, then along came the compass and a star and I saw a moon and well, you know how it goes. The next thing I knew I was naming my little (or large) planetary delight.

The center piece to which the sun inspired copper layers are attached is handpainted to match this colorful cosmic environment. There are layered details everywhere, all pieces securely wired in and anchored on, so they stay in orbit around your neck for many joyful years.

Signed Kay Adams, A1209
Blast Collection, $295, Sold

Art Speaks Where Words Leave Off . . .


I cannot convey how breathtaking this piece actually is. The antique rhinestone brooches that create this piece are so individually stunning, that collectively it's simply beyond words. That's why I have been known to say, "Art speaks where words leave off . . . " This necklace is the embodiment of that quote.

Made from six individually and fully restored brooches and dress clips, each with their own twists, turns, grace and curves. They come together to cascade down your neck and show the word their beauty, as well as yours. Thank you for looking. I LOVE this piece. Signed Kay Adams.




If I were an architect . . .


If I were an architect . . .

There is something so architectural about this piece to me. It's like it belongs as a commemorative piece in the lobby of the Empire State Building.
Gorgeous antique elements, including an art deco dress clip, a victorian faceted black glass HUGE button, with another rhinestone button added on top, and a deco tassel to complete the structure. Suspended from diamond cut crystal chain with black pinning.

Signed Kay Adams, A1085
Strike Collection, $285, Sold

Judy Jetson's necklace, perhaps?


Judy Jetson's necklace, perhaps?

This funky wild necklace is a conglomeration of retro black clip-on disk earrings with added pops of white-hued enhancements. Whether it's the deco glass bullseye disks from the 1930's, the white pearl tops or the unexpected gold centered daisy, this necklace commands attention -- just like a piece of pop art should.

Worn as a choker with adjustability for comfort. Signed Kay Adams.



Like a morning cup of coffee around your neck.


Alive, happy, plugged-in and abounding in artful color, this wired wonder is pure IMPACT! Every tasty tutty fruity vintage bead, each small antique enameled Austrian floral, and even the 1960's thermo-plast fuscia cylinder beads vie for the top billing in the showmanship of this art for your neck.
Signed Kay Adams




Treasures of Antiquity


If it's not THE prettiest that ever existed, it is VERY VERY close! It can't help but be gorgeous with such amazing treasures of antiquity. Four STUNNING marcasite initial brooches, two of which are sterling, and a pair of late-1800's rhinestone shoe buckles in near mint condition. The detail of each individual piece is mind-blowing in itself. To think they would hand cast, then hand set every tiny marcasite. What craftsmanship. All backs have been removed and sanded perfectly smooth. Generously adjustable, lays like an elongated and show stopping lavalier. Signed, as always, Kay Adams. Won't last long. . . too beautiful, too rare.




Toto We're Not in Kansas Anymore, II


Toto We're Not in Kansas Anymore, II

Doesn't it remind you of a tornado, captured in a stop-motion photograph?

These have been fun to make, letting varied patinas and shapes "land" in unusual proximity to each other just because.

Signed Kay Adams, A0717
Strike Collection