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When Kay Adams and her mother Judy Rogers had visions of opening a shimmering jewel packed antique shop in Richmond, Virginia’s historic Carytown district back in 1996, they had no idea they were in for the antiquing and creative ride of their life. But open they did, and ride they have!

After renovating their freshly purchased 1920’s row house, the two were ready to shake the rafters, fill the store and open to the public!

Jammed with an incredible array of vintage jewelry, obscure collectibles, funky knick knacks, pictures, lighting and just plain cool stuff, their artsy antique shop, Anthill Antiques came to life. This was no ordinary antique store by any measure and it has been said that entering Anthill is like discovering Aladdin’s secret cave. In every direction there are delights to mesmerize the public’s eye -- items in cases, items on walls, treasures literally tucked EVERYWHERE – and with the rafters carpeted in chandeliers, not a free ceiling space anywhere! Sensory overload maybe, but to the true connoisseur, simply a wealth of opportunity to discover that elusive must have item.

Kay and Judy simply have the gift when it comes to understanding what their customers will be interested in purchasing. They have scoured items from all coasts as well as overseas and constantly see their shop evolving as they anticipate the next wave of desirables. Keeping it different, changing up the product lines and making Anthill a fun place to shop just keeps the people coming back for more.

With the always entertaining and frequently spellbinding line of Kay Adams jewelry in the mix, the popular shop is truly set apart from any other.

From its simple beginnings -- the proverbial little dream -- to what has now become a Richmond icon, Anthill Antiques has something for everybody – even a case with over 500 pairs of perfectly displayed cufflinks for the guys! It is a great place to shop -- magnetic, fun and full of life!