See this necklace being worn live tomorrow by the multi-talented designer, Grace Duval, at her and Anne Douglas Shaw's epic furniture-inspired fashion show, "Eco Chic."

Tomorrow, May 1, 3:30 pm at CanCan in Carytown.

(yes -- I said, furniture inspired).

If you are in the area, stop by!!
It's a must see!!!! 

Models will walk the French bar like a runway catwalk, draped in couture fashion of the most epic and creative proportions!!

Check it out!!!

Also look for the lovely hair ornaments in the models' hair, provided by Anthill!

See you there!!

Signed Kay Adams, A2007
Juice Collection, Sold
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Tribal Echo


Fantastic textures.

Subtle tones.

Intriguing patterns.

I do believe I hear the hauntingly familiar echo of a distant Australian Koori chieftan chanting in approval . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A2105
Pop Collection, Available

Strike an Aboriginal Pose!!~


After a very wild ride in a land down under, I'm back in the saddle.

My husband and I spent the last three weeks in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

Hanging with the Aboriginal's came very natural for me. Anything that contains the root word 'original' is sweet harmony in my book!!

I felt so at home with the local Koori's, I begged my husband to let me tattoo my body in wild 'Picasso-meets-Koori' tribal art patterns one night after we had dinner with them (just on the back of my neck, I reasoned), but he thought it best for me to stick to the ant tattoo I'll be getting in July (more on that later).

Glad to be home and cannot wait to start DESIGNING SOME COLOSSAL NECKLACES!

Sit back and tune into Necklace-A-Day . . .  It's back on the air!! :))

If Only . . .


If only they were all so beautiful to begin with.

As lovely an art deco sterling piece as I had the privilege to work with.

Signed Kay Adams, A2195
Strike Collection, Sold

Bendictine - The Place to B


Benedictine High School.

Home of the Cadets.

Made from antique black and silvered glass letters.

Signed Kay Adams, A1169
Lore Collection, Sold

Flashback Friday!


Hey Joe -- scooch a little to the right . . . I can't see
all of Audrey's necklace . . . ;-))

(to see the whole necklace on Audrey, read a former blog on this lovely lady here).

Signed Kay Adams, A0934
Strike Collection, Sold