Black Cat Necklace, A1627
Signed Kay Adams
Blast Collection, Sold

It's . . . Divine


A cross collection of turquoise proportions.

The centerpiece is quite unique with it's stained glassed effect.  It is signed on the back, "Israel, 1969."

Sprinkled between the crosses are an eclectic mix of crystals and rhinestone bits that add to the distinctively artful feel of the piece.

Signed Kay Adams, A1686
Lore Collection, Sold

Seriously Justine


I mean, seriously.

How do you do it?

Why don't you let the rest of us in on your secret so that we can look as good . . .

What??? What's that you're clairvoyant-ing to me?  It's the necklace??? 

Well there you go -- Kay necklaces are the secret to the good-looking fountain of youth.  WORKS FOR ME!!!  (Or, wait -- I think I work for it . . . )

All joking aside -- well some of the joking aside -- this is Justine Parker, and I've blogged on her beautiful self before because she owns 923 Kay necklaces -- oh ---- goodness, wait . . . that's how many I WISH she owned.

But she does have several, and allow me to remind you that this gorgeous lady is a singer in a Richmond band call the The Escorts Band

THEY ARE GOOD!!!!  They play everything from “All Shook Up” and “Great Balls of Fire” to the B-52’s “Love Shack” -- and YOU KNOW that'll keep 'em on the dance floor!! So check them out and give them a call next time you need some music at your event. 

And now that Justine has given us the secret, you can come see me for the good-looking fountain of youth!! :-)

A1243, Sold 
Click here to see Justine's other fun blog!

Upstaged Expression


There is a saying that goes:

'Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.'

Well . . . perhaps . . . but personally?

I think it might be this necklace!

'Cause I know from experience whether you're scowling, growling or howling, it's this necklace people are going to be looking at!!!

Just try a rhinestone stack attack and see for yourself!

Btw, I'm enjoying my new extra large image option in blogspot  . . . can you tell?

Signed Kay Adams, L1638
Juice Collection, Sold



This piece was once offered in Willy Wonka's gift shop.

It's been said that Violet Beauregard and Veruca Salt had words over who should buy it, because they both thought it was made of magic candy.

The always astute Charlie Bucket informed them that it wasn't made of candy, but it was possible it was magic!

The girls though about it long and hard, but ultimately didn't "bite" --

I dunno, but rumor has it that an Everlasting Gobstopper lover bought it and ended up having a magically good time wearing it!


Signed Kay Adams, A0216
Strike Collection, Sold

Voice of the Elements


If I thought I could find enough customers like Julie, all I would make is eccentric, over-the-top, envelope pushers like this one I called "Coyote Crossing."

Julie looks amazing in it, and it's unique, off-the-wall quality suits her to a tee. 

It is absolute freedom to approach a necklace like this -- no dictates, no preconceptions -- just going where the elements lead . . . 

And if you follow the voice of the elements, they will never lead you astray.

Signed Kay Adams, A1423
Strike Collection, Sold



"Well done is better than well said."

~ Ben Franklin

Signed Kay Adams, A1653
Posh Collection, $210, Sold

Pale Buttered Blue






In other words:  Complete Yum.

Signed Kay Adams, A1634
Joy Collection, $185, Sold



Jewelry as seen on the planet Vesta.

Vesta is an asteroid -- for real -- actually it's the largest object in the asteroid belt.

All I know is they have cool jewelry there.

P.S. -- this post is for my husband -- he's a planetary/space nut -- he'll be really impressed I found this out and made a little blog
about it.

Signed Kay Adams, A0237
Bitz Collection, Sold

'Watch'in' That Bracelet . . .


and PLAYING IN THE JOOLS!  Always! :))

Amy is also a jewelry designer and I've seen her come up with some beautiful ideas messing around with all the fodder at Anthill. 

On the visit before last she got an awesome long strand of retro faceted black and weathered clear lucite beads which she paired with a gorgeous vintage cameo pin she was going to use as an enhancer of sorts.  It was sooo attractive!

And this past visit and in this picture, she got a kickin' little watch number that I've blogged on in the past . . . four great watch faces, known in these parts as, "Watch. Watch. Watch. Rolex".

Enjoy Amy!!

I've got horses on the necklace makin' horizon, so come by soon!

Signed Kay Adams, B0709
Toc Collection, Sold

Jim Stafford's Dream Girl?


Hey Mr. Stafford --

I DO like spiders and snakes.

Regarding the spider -- he's an awesome handmade antique. He was the decoration off of a late 1800's/early 1900's silver keepsake box --rare and FABULOUS!

I had to seal the spokes of his web armature very strategically so he wouldn't poke -- they were very sharp. He's sterling silver, and his web is spun silver --a  very significant and special part of the creation!

The other significant piece was probably a showgirl dress buckle from the 1920's/30's.  Oh la la!

Now maybe you'd reconsider your affinity for spiders too?  And I'll see if I can change your mind on snakes one day . . . in fact, such a creation is already in the works!  Then we can ALL be Jim's dream girls! :)

Click here for a close-up of the spider.

Signed Kay Adams, A1512
Juice Collection, Sold



Old glass chandelier rosettes and octagons.

Hints of pale aqua peaking through.

Antique early 1900's glass hobnail dressclip center piece with original paint on the wooden carved leaf top.

It has the softest glow about it.

Signed Kay Adams, A1481
Lux Collection, $165, Sold

Shhhh . . .


Don't alert the paparazzi . . .

Does anyone remember when I blogged on Charlie's Angels shopping in Anthill? (You can click here for a refresher).

Well, yes, yet another of the angels sauntered into Anthill the other day -- Kate Jackson.

She's going by the name Linda these days . . it keeps the paparazzi better at bay.

And on this day it was time to add a couple of necklaces to this angel's original Kay piece so as have the necessary jewelry bling for creating a sumptious fall jewelry collage!

So that's just what we did! Linda (shhhh . . . Kate) got a classic multi-element rhinestone design along with a distressed copper flower beauty, both of which can be grouped, stacked, layered and glopped with her original retro pearly white lucites necklace for more necklace fun than a barrel of bling from Bailey Banks and Biddle!

So now the possibilities are endless!!! Endless possibilities -- my kinda thinking!!

Always fun to see your beeming smile, Linda. Come by anytime and we'll play in the jOoLs again!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1590, A1608
Lux & Lore Collections, Sold

Swamp Dog Gold

"You don't know me from a swamp dog, but my name is Jami Williams and I live smack dab in the middle of Missouri which is the main reason why I won't be waiting for you outside of your shop tomorrow with great anticipation to simply come in and peruse the wonderment therein! YOU ARE TRULY AN ARTIST...I stumbled upon your gorgeousity online and I just wanted to let you know that as a little girl who was a bit rowdy and dressed like a pirate most of the time I DREAMED of wearing jewels like those you are creating. They are absolutely perfect - a bit irreverent, an expression of appreciation, whimsical, full of personality...just absolutely perfect in every way. I have bookmarked your website in my folder under "sad days" which is a collection of websites that make me particularly happy when I've got a bit of are truly an artist in the essence of meaning...looking at something, seeing something else and projecting that onto the worlds of others, so they may see it as well. Bravo, Ms. Adams, bravo!".

Jami -- your words are golden to me. Thank You.

Signed Kay Adams, L1521
Juice Collection, Sold



"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible."

~ Jonathan Swift

Signed Kay Adams, L1664
Juice Collection, $380, Sold

This piece is comprised of necklaces:
A1652-$195. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1655-$185. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.

Foolproof Necklace Recipe



- Handful of lush large pearls.

- Pearl encrusted golden medallion.

- Front closing toggle.


Assimilate the three ingredients flawlessly.
Place on neck. 

Signed Kay Adams, A1496
Strike Collection, Sold

Think Serious Pink


A lovely friend is having a rough go with breast cancer.

Breast cancer claimed my high school friend, Peaches, when she was only 36.

My mother has survived breast cancer.

Our dear friend Nancy is currently in remission from breast cancer.

My friend Betty has been breast cancer free for over 5 years.

My grandmother died from breast cancer.

Please Think Pink.

The above necklace is available for making a $100 donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which I will match.

If you are a survivor, and interested in spreading awareness through this artfully interpreted conversation-starting necklace (made from former Avon pink enamel ribbon lapel pins, vintage pink venetian beads and a 1950's crocheted toilet-seat-cover rose), please contact me.  Together our efforts can help in a small way towards one day eradicating this entirely too rampant disease.

Godspeed Lisa. We are all thinking of you. ♥
And thank you Kim for keeping us all aware.  You are a remarkable friend.

Bridal Bliss


This gorgeous bride was married last March in a spectacularly beautiful wedding ceremony.

The pictures were outstanding, and I wish I could show them all right here on this blog.

I know you just celebrated your 6 month anniversary!  Happy Anniversary, Katie!!

Katie and her beautiful sister Lauren, her maid-of-honor, are so vibrant and joyful to be around, and I wish they lived closer to Anthill so they could stop by more often!

I was overjoyed to do the jewels for her bridal party.  Each bridesmaid and the sweet flower girl got an antique rhinestone piece specifically selected for them by Katie, which was in turn transformed into custom necklaces for her girls, complete with tags bearing their names.  It was a delight!

Katie and Lauren, you are beautiful girls. I hope to see you both soon, and your Mom too.

And btw, Lauren, I would love to do the necklaces for your wedding one day!!  . . . I'm just sayin' . . .  :-)

Seahorse Harmony


Do you have a shell nearby?

No matter how far away from the ocean you are, you can  hold a seashell up to your ear and hear the waves softly rolling onto the shore.

Perhaps if you are very quiet, you will be able to hear the gentle swish of a peacefully floating seahorse.

An ocean melody of seahorse harmony. 

No shell?

Then this is what the sound looks like.

Signed Kay Adams, A1566
Strike Collection, $240

When I Grow Up


When I grow up, I want to be just like Elizabeth.

Completely full of SPUNK and PERSONALITY -- with Elizabeth age is not a factor -- embracing LIFE IS!!!

She always looks awesome in her Kay pieces (even if I can't take a focused picture), and this was her latest for her birthday!!!

And might I mention that Elizabeth has ONE TALENTED DAUGHTER, Carla, who does with fabric the same kind of thing I do with jewels -- TRANSFORMS THEM INTO MAGIC!

I have to share with you a blurb from a site that sells Carla's doll and children's patterns that she creates:

"Carla Hegeman Crim, aka the 'Scientific Seamstress' is a molecular biologist turned mom and patternmaker. Her eBooks are written in a clear, logical manner with extreme attention to detail…just like science protocols!"

Yes, her daughter has a PhD in Molecular Biology, but it is so lucky for the sewing world that she found her life's second calling PhD'ing the sewing machine.  CHECK HER OUT!!!

You know I always love seeing you Elizabeth.  Thank you so much for being a fan of my work.  Your zest for life, not unlike that of my mom's, completely inspires me!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1623
Lux Collection, Sold

I'm Going Back Someday


An art form of the Netherlands -- delftware -- is named after the town known as Delft from where this type of fired pottery was often made.

Customarily blue white with scenes often depicting windmills and sailboats and peaceful countryside chalets.

I remember distinctly a little fishing village called Volendam and this vintage brooch turned into a necklace does make me pine to be back there.

Holland's countryside is magical -- the lost charm of a bucolic old world. 

Ms. Ronstandt wasn't talking about Delft or Volendam when she sung about the Blue Bayou, but goodness knows she could have been.

Signed Kay Adams, A1535
Bitz Collection, Sold

I'm going back someday
Come what may
To Blue Bayou
Where the folks are fine
And the world is mine
On Blue Bayou
Where those fishing boats
With their sails afloat
If I could only see
That familiar sunrise
Through sleepy eyes
How happy I'd be

Open Invitation


Invite your inner nonconformist out to play.

Signed Kay Adams, A1458
Strike Collection, Sold

Mass Comm Degree, PR Track


That's my bachelor's degree from VCU, btw.

I try hard to put it to good use.

I'm blogging  -- that's Communicating to the Masses.

And the PR Track offically stands for the Public Relations Track.

But nowadays?

It's the Pearls and Rhinestone track!

And baby, I put that version of the PR track to GOOOOD USE!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1559
Lux Collection, Sold

Something About Mary


Mary, Mary quite contrary (not)
How is it her smile glows so?

Cause her necklace is glistenen' . . .
Whether for casual or prissin' . . .
With it's rhinestones a'glow in a row . . .

Obligatory Fine Print Reading:
Necklace of similar style available Smile sold separately, or guaranteed free with necklace purchase. Not all smile results are the same. Mary's smile result IS possible with a necklace from the Lux Collection. Long term happiness varies, although clinical trials prove ample daily giddiness achieved with daily to weekly Lux Collection wear.  See your local Anthill  dealer for details.

Signed Kay Adams, A1432
Lux Collection, Sold



Looks good enough to eat!!!!

Bring it on!  I'm HUNGRY!

Playful COLORFUL whimsical CHuTzPaH!

*Best worn while eating cupcakes!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1435
Blast Collection,  $235

*Congratulations on the grand opening of our newest Carytown neighbor, Carytown Cupcakes!