Jeweled Rain


Grab your umbrellas! . . . it's a jewelry shower!

With sprinkling bits and pieces from ladybugs to butterflies, to flowers, enamels and shells, to crystals and dangles and baby beads of every twinkling kind!

Get wet and jump in puddles while you're at it!

This piece is comprised of necklaces:

Price for necklace as shown $350.

Signed Kay Adams, L1980
Juice Collection, $350




And as our talented friend Kim Schmidt, and the photographer of this picture said, "sometimes it's the out takes from the photoshoots that are the best!"

Yes, Kim, I agree -- capturing Karen in her million dollar smile captures Karen in every sense -- vivacious, passionate, fun-loving and beautiful!!

Miss you Karen.

Can't wait to catch up next time you stop in. 

Judy and Tee say hello too!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1504
Strike Collection, Sold

Deco d'Coco


Do you reckon if Coco Chanel were still with us, she'd go for the piece I made her namesake?

Oh Coco, I'd like to think so.

Vintage art deco (c. 1930's) screwback earrings are transformed into pendants and attached
to vintage deco metallic beads.

Signed Kay Adams, A0803
Lore Collection, $115

Got Bling?


A mesmerizing collage of fantastic and restored vintage signed pieces.




Signed Kay Adams, A1969
Juice Collection, $455, Sold

Their Lucky Day


A medley of vintage rhinestone treasures softly beckoned for a chance to be cherished again.

How lucky was their day . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1656
Lux Collection, Sold

Spring is in the Air


Yes, spring is in the air, if only for today . . . 
('cause here on the east coast I hear we may getting another snow storm by week's end).

But  . . .  I do believe if you sport this beauty, spring will be perpetually available in your life! :)

This piece is comprised of necklaces:
A1961-$165.  Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1963-$175.  Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1965-$215. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.
A1974-$210. Item Sold. Please email for similar design.

Price for necklace as shown $950.

Signed Kay Adams, L1979
Juice Collection

A Clockwork White


Actual antique pocket watch faces are salvaged and turned into a conversation piece you can wear.

Sounds great -- (they softly clink with, well, for lack of a better way to put it, a historic type of sound).

Looks great.  And looks cool reversed as well, as the backsides are all counter-enameled(see below).

Signed Kay Adams, A1712
Toc Collection, $195
cool huh?? =)

Cover Girl


They say she is a former beauty queen.

I say she is a current beauty queen
as well!

Hi Sybil!
Hi Justine!

Signed Kay Adams, A1913
Joy Collection, Sold



Antique fobs and Victorian chatelaine charms
were brought together for an irresistible necklace reunion.

It's around their 90th reunion!! :)

Signed Kay Adams, A1027
Lore Collection, Sold

Art Cubed


My version of Andy Warholism . . . a trio of Tina's -- natural, film grain, and vintage black and white.

Cool photos to go with a one-of-a-kind necklace for an artful Tina.  

Hope you are doing well, Tina!! Say hi to Yvonne for me, and come see us SOON!! =D

Signed Kay Adams, A1278
Joy Collection, Sold

Hello Hello ~~ HOLA!


I'm at a place called vertigo!

 . . . r U2?

Signed Kay Adams, A1957
Joy Collection, $165

K-C and the Sunshine Bling


Hey Girlz!!  Love your fabulous BLING, Sandra . . . half courtesy Kay, half courtesy Carmen-Lee! :))

This mother and daughter team are such great folks.  Carmen-Lee was inspired by my creations and made her mother Sandra the rhinestone heart necklace she is wearing, which is stacked beautifully with a Christmas Kay piece she recently bought!!!  That OH-ficially makes it "BLING YUM!"  And of course the blog title is a take off on KC and the Sunshine Band, but in this case the KC stands for Kay-Carmen -- and the "Sunshine Bling" is our band  -- where instead of music, we make GLITTERING YUMMY JOOLS!

Carmen-Lee is quite talented and among other things is the au-pair to a delightfully charismatic special needs child, Shayla.  I always love to see the two of them, and it's also unquestionably a Funtastic event when Sandra comes in with her best friend, Teen, too!  . . .  whom I've blogged on in the past. :) 

I'm thinking of you two.  Hope this little blog brightens your day a touch.  I'm so sorry your Grandma isn't well and I just wanted to send some support and positive thoughts your way.  I always look forward to seeing your two smiling faces along with Shayla and Teen anytime!!   Kay ♥

Click here to view the blog on the necklace :)

The Oyster's Autobiography


All art is autobiographical.
The pearl is the oyster's autobiography.

~ Federico Fellini

Signed Kay Adams, A1778
Posh Collection, Sold



Teddy bears on baby blue.

Complete with a vintage Harrod's London collectible teddy in the center.

('Cause Mom likes to shop!)

Signed Kay Adams, A1094
Joy Collection, $95

Color of the Year 2010


Pantone, a global authority on color, and provider of professional color standards for many design industries, announced color number '15-5519 Turquoise', as an "inviting, luminous hue" and official  . . .

Color of the Year, 2010!

This sooooo works for me.

And for this necklace!

Signed Kay Adams, A1918
Bitz Collection, $60

An All Time Favorite


Another one of my photos I thought was long gone!!

And this is one of my all time favorite necklaces!

Love it on you Michele.

I had some customers describe "a really neat Kay necklace" they had seen on a woman at an event and after much talk of "tangled chains and abstract and pearls and flowers," we worked it back to being yours.  (At a wine tasting event?? with your husband, or something like that . . .)

Anyway, seeing it soooo makes me want to do another in it's vein -- it really is cool.

Love your latest two as well. Maybe next time you come in, I'll be working and can say hi!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1289
Juice Collection, Sold

See another view of this necklace here (me wearing it prior to Michele's purchase)

Lost and Found!



I just found a whole folder of customer photos I thought were gone forever!!

Shirley -- I didn't forget you or any of the others I can finally catch up on!!  If you see this, send me a link to your antique shop in Ohio, because if I remember right, that's where you were.

I hope you're still loving your necklace -- it serendipitously had your initials in rhinestones laced throughout -- uncanny!! 

Shirley asked me to pose with her and my two books, Creative Overdrive ( a pictorial of my first 500 pieces) and Look, with various selected dazzlers.

Finally I can blog on that cool day!!  More power to finding buried treasures!! . . .  in more ways than one!

Hi to your daughter Michelle and your son-in-law.  Would love to see them again as well.  :)

All the best!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A0736
Lux Collection, Sold

Music to My Ears


Or is it  . . .

Music for your neck?

All vintage sterling musical instrument charms suspended from Swarovski miniature prong-set crystal ovals.

I can almost here the melody . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1931
Lore Collection, $235, Sold

Swat I'm Talkin' Bout


Stephanie!!  You look soo cute!!

I know me snapping an off-the-cuff photo in your Saturday threads isn't how you necessarily intend on wearing it -- but just remember -- it's how I wear mine EVERYDAY!! (and it reminds me of mine in many ways!) 

Just as cool casual as it is glam -- now that's swat I'm talkin' bout!!!!

Hi to Mark if you see him before I do, and come back to visit soooon!! :)

Signed Kay Adams, A1692
Posh Collection, Sold



MeeeeeOOOOOWWW Serena!!!

Diggin' your ink.

Diggin' your art.

Diggin' your necklace!!


And I still have an underwater treasure necklace with your name on it -- :)))).  I walk past it sometimes and it murmurs in garbled underwater tones your name -- 'meow meow serena needs us . . . we want to be with toxicat . . .'

Happy New Year Serena!!!
So glad you love it :))

Signed Kay Adams, A1627
Blast Collection, Sold
Hey!!! Visit Serena and hear her band, Protea, by clicking here!

It Spoke


Things are pretty, graceful, rich, elegant, handsome, but, until they speak to the imagination, not yet beautiful.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Signed Kay Adams, A1858
Bitz Collection, Sold



Congratulations to my gorgeous friend Charmagne and her Mom on the opening of their new Carytown restaurant, BONVENU!

It officially opened today, at 2915 West Cary Street, across from the Byrd Theater (where the old Trak's Restaurant was for three decades).

That's awesome Charmagne!!

I indeed will miss your effervescent self and that 1000 watt smile being right next door at the Mezzanine, another impeccable Carytown restaurant, (and I know they will miss you too!), but that just means you'll have to come by and say hi LOTS!!!

I hear Bonvenu’s nouveau-American menu includes crab cakes, steak, lamb, pasta and scallops!

And to that I say, "YUM!"

We'll be seeing you very soon to come get some great eats! :))

Signed Kay Adams
Juice Collection, A1456



This piece is comprised of necklaces:

A1906-$165.  Item Sold.  Please email for similar design.
A1909-$210.  Item Sold.  Please email for similar design.
A1912-$185.  Item Sold.  Please email for similar design.
A1913-$155.  Item Sold.  Please email for similar design.

Price for necklace as shown $1045.

Signed Kay Adams, L1939
Juice Collection

Boop Boop Bee Do!


Jayne Boop.

Adorable sister of Betty.

Having fun in her Kay necklace, which we altered to be lusciously long for today's layered styles!

Looks great Jayne -- and so do YOU!

(And I swear this wasn't planned, but that's another one of Jayne's beauties I blogged on yesterday, ie, "Gone Fishin" -- I must've been feeling Jayne in my bones!!!)


Signed Kay Adams, A0829
Blast Collection, Sold

Gone Fishin'


Actually, went fishing.

Caught mother-of-pearl and abalone treasures.

Vintage ones at that.

Good day for fishing.

Signed Kay Adams, A1665
Blast Collection, Sold

Leapin' Minnesota Lily Frogs!


Happy New Year Kathy!!! I love the picture!!

Who would realize frogs leaping about a neck could look so cool?

When Kathy was visiting from Minnesota, her and her friend Julie (hi Julie!) stopped by the 'Hill and got to playing in necklaces and the rest was Leapin' Lily Frog history!

Love how you triple wrapped the sunny crystals above the necklace -- indeed it was a super idea and it looks STELLAR!!

I know you don't get to Richmond often, but definitely come back when you do!! There may be some birdies or butterflies that want to gather about your neck!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1451
Blast Collection, Sold

In Other Words . . .


Aquas, greens, clears, pearls, mirrors, silvers, turquoise.

In others words, DECADENT!

Signed Kay Adams, A1845
Pop Collection, $195