King of Inspiration


For those of us in the fashion and jewelry business, the Holy Grail of Beatitude is often awarded to Louis Vuitton. (Sometimes the stage is shared with Ms. Chanel, Ms. Haskell, Mr. de la Renta, Mr. Armani, Mr. Dior, you know . . . the masters).

I have to say my inspiration here was with the man deemed the most successful luxury brand in the world. The above picture (with the owl) is an actual Louis Vuitton piece that retails for $10,570. Don't I wish?

Enjoy a vintage one-of-a-kind baroque version by a Louis disciple.

Elaborate collage in soft hues and eclectic vintage objects d'art. Nothing glued, all permanently wired together.

As featured in the Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond Chic section.

Signed Kay Adams, A0738
Juice Collection, $1,100.


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