Rear Window


I have a lovely young customer who is from one of the most gorgeous places on the earth, Zagreb, Croatia.

I've had the pleasure of visiting that city, and how I'd love to go back one day.

Miss modelesque Iva sent me this picture of Grace Kelly from the movie Rear Window wearing a most gorgeous vintage bracelet. Could I make her something like it, she asked. For Iva, the answer was yes.

It's chocked full of vintage chunky golden charms, several of which were former earrings, vintage satin gold beads embellished with the yummiest old bead caps I could find, and to make it super-special, I tucked in a charm of the continent of Africa.

She'll be going there on a trip soon and knew it would have wonderful meaning for her.
All charms removable for individual wear as well.

B0710, Sold

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