Time Out


Can I take a day to blog about the single most important person in my life? I have had two special people lose very dear loved ones this week. And moments like this make you reflect.

We had a 1928 framed poem in our shop that called to me every time I passed it. I decided it needed to come home with me and be dedicated to this man.

To a Wonderful One

There's a Wonderful One who always will be
all that is happy and precious to me;
There is a Wonderful One who is finest and best,
true to my heart through each trial and test.
There is a Wonderful One and I'll never forget,
to bless that dear day when happily we met.
And I'm hoping you know, after all's said and done
that you are my Wonderful, Wonderful one.

I love you Dick. You are the kindest most generous man on earth and to this day I feel lucky to be the one who caught you. Here's to the next amazing 20 years . . . .

In memory of Frank Beeker and James Goodwin

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