7 Trees A Neckin'


Merry Christmas Eve!

Is 7 Trees A Neckin' part of the 12 Days of Christmas song?

I think we should add it . . .

These lovely trees lay festively and happily around your neck (that's the neckin' part, silly . . . mind out of the gutter!).

They were former brooches that I ground the backs smooth then drilled through at various points to enable the "decorating" of the trees.

They are vibrant and dangley, and each has a distinctive little personality. Each is removable to wear one-at-a-time, too! You could change out to a different one all through the month of December.

And you could make it Christmas in July (or April, or August -- or ANYTIME you want!).

Signed Kay Adams, A0862
XMAS YeaRouNd! Collection, $295, Sold

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