Norman Rockwell's Chandelier


Can I blog on a really pretty chandelier that I made many, many years ago?

It was always one of my favorites -- so festive and unusual. It had "berry" bobeches and was draped in chain after chain of peridot, tourmaline and amber swags.

It just seemed liked it should be hanging over a loving family's crowded dining room table.

The carved turkey and honey-glazed ham complete with pineapples are just waiting to be carved.

And I see the cranberry sauces and the hand-decorated sugar cookies over to the side -- and there's the bowl of the walnuts still in the shell, sitting next to the nutcrackers. I see the sweet potato casserole and many many other condiments.

I hear the children laughing and the adults story-telling.

I feel certain this is exactly the environment into which this chandelier found it's way.

This chandelier was a mood -- a perpetually beautiful, content and comfortable, good, Norman Rockwell family mood.

A major Merry Christmas, everyone.


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