But is it Aesthetically Correct?


Round and round and round it goes . . .

where it stops . . .

is predicated by a highly technical and scientific combination of how many onesie hoop earrings you have, if your wrist fatigue is acting up, and whether or not you have other commitments besides necklace making ahead of you.

And last, but by NO MEANS least, the single most important criteria . . .


Yes -- we can ditch all other criteria and always default to that. Necklace making is fool-proof if you let visualization rule.

I've done these "Hoopdy Loop" necklaces much wilder and crazier and denser in the past -- but this one was finding its voice via the soft, simple, uncluttered approach.

And you have heard that aesthetically correct IS the new politically correct, right?

Signed Kay Adams.

A0153, Sold

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