Cool before it was Cool


I've gotta blog on this cutie pie. Her name is Rachel and she has awesome taste and the most lovely family.

Her mother, her aunt, her grandmother are all Anthill fans and they are the kindest people.

See that million dollar smile on Rachel? That's because she's got such great peeps in her life, oh . . . and because of that new necklace she got! ;)

This is the most amazing little relic my mother and I came across. It's probably around 100 years old. It needed some TLC to bring it back to the 21st century. For instance, the chamber was broken and hanging out. I fabricated a "pin" for it -- to lock it permanently back in place, and thus the little pearl bullet was born.

And the mother of pearl handle had almost made its way loose from the casing. It's amazing it was still with it.

A glorious old antique gold filled chain completed this vintage piece of wild west history.

Rachel rocks in this old charmer! It's her second Kay piece, and as I understand it, she has her eye on a third. Judy and I will put a bug in your mom's ear, Rachel!! :)

A1279, Sold

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