Many Ways Daisy Days


Almost too dramatic to call it "Daisy Days", isn't it?

But that's exactly the beauty of it. It's dramatic and completely casual at once.

I had a lady in Anthill this past week who said, "All this gorgeous jewelry, and I never dress up anywhere to be able to wear it."

I told her -- ahhh --- but that's exactly the beauty of today's fashion. We can be completely comfortable and casual -- jeans and a top, and have on a Breakfast at Tiffany's rhinestone necklace with it, and it looks simply SMASHING!

Our every day clothes are the casual background to a piece that pops. It's understated, it's fun, it's the snap. It's what make the "grunge" hip!!

I must confess, I wear jeans probably 360 out of 365 days a year. I wear my original Kay piece, a jangly rhinestone beauty, every single day.

It works. Period.

Well, that's the idea. Relax -- go casual, chill out and be comfortable. Then pop on some relaxed vintage neck art, and Voila!

And if the occasion is black tie, or fancy schmansy, or even to work, wear it then too! Just like a cameleon -- it will blend -- to your event, your wardrobe.

It's the best thing going . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A0935
Strike Collection, $185,

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