Ode to Audrey


Today is my friend Audrey's birthday, so I wanted to blog on the this completely unique, one-of-a-kind lady!

I met Audrey in South America three years ago.

My husband and I were taking the same tour as she and  her husband Joe. They are high school sweet hearts from Malta, a tiny island near Italy. (Which lends itself to the beautiful accent they speak with!)

I liked Audrey the moment I saw her.

She had this chic haircut -- short and auburn, with pure platinum blonde side swept bangs in the front. She exuded style, comfort, confidence.

We pal'd around Peru, Buenos Aires, La Paz, and Rio, as she shared her motion sickness medicine with me. (I take ill on every trip . . . it's a wonder I travel).

We shopped, we told stories, we shopped, we ate, we yakked, we shopped, we laughed, we shopped, we talked art, we marveled at art, we shopped, we climbed Macchu Pichu, we ate, we shopped.

Our quieter husbands laid a little lower sometimes and probably wondered from the sidelines how they ended up with these live-wired artsy chics for decades-long wives.

The four of us so enjoyed each others company, we decided to do it again, and this past January we traveled with them in Antarctica. You can't shop on a 5 mile deep block of ice the size of the USA surrounded by 1000's of miles of ocean, but you can talk penguins, icebergs and art!!

It was superfun to see them again. But what I really want to say is, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!" You have been such a wonderful person to meet. You are funny and beautiful.

And YOU ALWAYS make people feel good.

And DOES SHE HAVE GOOD TASTE! This is the necklace I put on the cover of my book, "Creative Overdrive", because I thought it was one of my coolest pieces to date. She rings me up before the Antarctica trip and says, "bring it with you, it must be MINE!"

Dahling, "You Look MAHHVELOUS!!"

A0934, Sold


  1. Dear Kay... although I do not know you in person - I know Audrey.. your blog was well written and I cna read between the lines tha tit is all so true - I have know audrey (& Joe) for over 15 years and they are such a wonderful couple... I love Audrey to pieces and she means well to everyone. I I love her spirit, her dare-devil style and more...I am so glad to ahve know her for the last 15 years or more and that I share the same zodiac sign as her as I am a piscean too!

    Take care and God bless and well done on your blog.

    Love always

    Carmen Laudi - Brampton Ontario xxxxx

  2. Thank you Carmen -- you know after I wrote it there was so much more I wanted to say even.

    Her sense of style, her keen eye, how everyone gravitates to her, and how she always embraces people -- all people.

    She's simply great! We're lucky to know her! :))

    And all three of us pisces -- cool! :)

    Have a great day . . .