Sullivan's Ruptured Ducks

Five Heroic Ruptured Ducks

Ruptured ducks were the name of the service pins awarded at the end of service in all branches of the armed forces from 1939 thru 1946.

They were issued to all service men upon being honorably discharged.

Although the pin actually depicts an eagle initiating flight, there is quite a story as to why the pin is referred to as a "ruptured duck."

Apparently, legendary film star Hedy Lamarr was married to a Nazi German whom it was later found out was in plot to kill her.

She ultimately escaped and was met by fans, photographers and media upon her landing in the US.

She made the comment that the flight was quite rough -- like coming over on a "broken bird." Spoken in German, it's literal translation in English meant "ruptured duck".

Her endeared idiom caught on quickly by the movie-star crazed female employees of the manufacturing plants that produced these service pins.

They would eventually come to label their shipping boxes "ruptured ducks" as it was common practice during WWII to label shipments destined for the war theater differently than their true contents, so as to not inform enemies about the actual contents.

The term "ruptured duck" had forever caught on as the Honorable Service pin's nickname, thanks to Hedy Lamarr.

This necklace makes me think of the Sullivan brothers.
Five gallant and heroic ruptured ducks.

Rest in Peace, brothers.

And may you forever be remembered when this necklace is worn.

Signed Kay Adams, A1343
Lore Collection, $195, Sold

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