Uncompromised, Unduplicatible


I so so wish you could see this in person.

To start with, as you come down the neck, this piece is comprised of true vintage jewels -- antique objects d'arte -- including a matched pair of baguette set 1940's dress clips, a 1930's marquise shaped rhinestone belt buckle, and a chevron edged rectangular sash buckle, also circa 1930's.

It then joins in the center at one of the oldest fashion brooches I've ever come across -- a mid-1920's STRIKING art nouveau rhinestone piece. This brooch includes a triangular cut piece of mirror inlaid into the brooch -- very, very rare.

This is then followed by an inverted art nouveau double lily rhinestone floral brooch. The brooch has pink ruby rhinestone baguette stamens, and is one the most gorgeous, well-made and stylized brooches one will ever see.

It also is a 1920's piece, and was made to immulate real diamonds, rubies and platinum, which it does effortlessly.

All pieces have had their backs removed and have been sanded perfectly smooth. Each antique element was then drilled and hinged permanently together to form the creation.

An heirloom piece -- uncompromised, unduplicatible, historic.

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Signed Kay Adams, A1088
Juice Collection, $850


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