Houston, The Eagle HASN'T Landed


This eagle is SOARING.

And he is UNBELIEVABLE in person.

Full of diamond-intensity rhinestones ("paste" as they were know pre-1900's), this eagle is from the mid to late 1800's. He was the showpiece of an extraordinary antique haircomb.

After I released the eagle's rivets from the nearly dryrotted gutta percha comb (petrified rubber -- an early form of "plastic"), I soldered back some broken scrolls and connection points on the wings.

I then added some vintage Hattie Carnegie handblown givre crystals (this is where two colors exist "separately within the same crystal). They are verigated black and clear and striking in their own right.

Old silvered watch chain links interspersed with prong set rhinestone balls then complete this extraordinary antique object d'art.

Extremely intense, large and vibrant in person. Photo DOES NOT do this piece justice.

Houston, this eagle's not landing -- he's flying.

This beautiful bird's journey has only just begun.

Signed Kay Adams, A0197
Strike Collection, $325


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