I've Got the Blues . . .


And thank goodness I've got them, 'cause somehow I just don't think this'd be as pretty if I had the oranges.

Well maybe it would -- I'll give it a go one day -- but today it's about the blues.

I Love Love Love blue, because I happen to be a jeans freak . . . anything blue is so easy to wear with denim!

And, as usual, obviously you can see it would be easy to dress up and look smashing!!

All pieces removable for individual wear.

Includes a reversible Chinese cloisonne medallion (do the possibilities never end??) :)), a ceramic delft crest, a speckled powder blue fired enamel copper heart, a frosted floral glass transferware pendant, a baby blue moonstone & rhinestone former earring, and two wild and crazy handmade sputnik lampwork beads.

Getting "I've Got the Blues" is guaranteed to chase away a case of the other kind of blues ANYDAY OF THE WEEK!!!!

Stay tuned for "I've Got the Greens!" (that one will chase away motion sickness!) :)

Signed Kay Adams, $195

A1129, Sold

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