The Next Best Thing


The next best thing to an actual necklace adoption, ie, when that necklace has spoken to someone and they have claimed it as their very own, to have and to hold forever (oh wait, that's marriage -- but same difference), now I'm off track.

Let me start again.

The next best thing to a necklace sale is a genuine necklace compliment. Compliments and comments, thankfully, are abundant, and they DO MAKE MY DAY.

But sometimes the compliment is so heartfelt, so genuine, you know the person gets what you as the artist feel.

I had a mother and daughter in over the weekend. They were from Charlotte, NC, and were here for the daughter to audition for the Richmond Ballet. Cool.

Mom bought a ballet slipper necklace, and daughter bought a Siam goddess necklace. Neither were Kay pieces, but Anthill is gaboodles more than just my necklaces.

But when the mother was leaving she said, "Your necklaces are fascinating. They literally make me happy to look at them. And the happiness you must feel when you make them translates right through them."

You know, what an awesome compliment. It was just so heartfelt -- what she said touched me and it was just a great ending to a great day.

God love a good customer.

Although sold sometime ago (as with many I write about), I blogged on this baby because I remember distinctly the complete joy I felt while making this one. Cool.


Signed Kay Adams, A0189
Juice Collection, Sold

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