So Much Beauty, So Little Surface


Did anyone ever notice I like things a tad on the busy side? aka a wee bit fussy? aka jam packed? aka overloaded?

I don't know why. Maybe just because there are so many gorgeous tidbits in life that need to be brought back into the fold.

So much beauty, so little surface.

So therefore I dazzle with as many delights as a surface can conceivably handle to make full use of all the available beauty.

I think I'm over thinking it.

Anywho -- this smorgasbord of vintage jewels includes Venetian glass, carnival glass, wedding cake beads, milk glass, butterflies, sequins, pearls, flower caps, rhinestones, vintage chains, old pewter stampings and yet again, a kitchen sink. --

BUST -- no sink.

Signed Kay Adams, A0707
Strike Collection, $255, Sold

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