But Don't Scrap It . . .


A labor of love.

My Lore Collection is filled with labors of love . . .
and an innate understanding that all vintage jewelry, no matter how plain, old, weathered or worn, has untapped redemption and virtue.

Many of these elements were former unengraved signet brooches of gold filled and sterling from the 1950's.

The back findings have been meticulously filed away and then drilled through to hang them in irresistible collective sequence.

The chain from which they hang is a sterling curb link design and valuable in it's own right.

A stylish and sophisticated piece! And ironically contemporary.

And who knows, with today's silver and gold prices, it could scrap for more than it's selling for!

But don't scrap it . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A0727
Lore Collection, $325

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