Hold Fast


You've got to meet this girl. This is Angie and she's the coolest thing this side of Mars.

I love everything about her -- her spirit, her smile, her happiness, her uninhibitedness (is that a word?).

The point is, Angie just has a wonderful sense of self and enjoys every minute of it.

I think her tatoo's are undeniably captivating and I am honored to have earned a place on Angie's neck with all the tatoo art.

We found a necklace that blended, yet also stood out with all her amazing ink.

She loved this piece because of all of the art deco items. Mirror back dress clips and marquis collar pins of yesterday -- and a 1940's milk glass flower -- an odd and unexpected combination of single items that find harmony collectively.

Her neck is tatoo'd on the back in large beautiful script the words "Hold Fast" -- she was telling me how her uncle was in the navy and how it honored him and was a term meaning stand strong and be courageous.

I glean an essence of "be who you are" in that beautiful adage, and one in which Angie strongly believes in and adheres to.

I do too.

Hold fast, beautiful girl, hold fast.

Signed Kay Adams, A1299
Lux Collection, Sold

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