The Necklace Next Door


The best way to describe filigree is "metal lace".

It is a BEAUTIFUL art form, often Portuguese, that I have long been a fan of.

This necklace is so comfortable, so versatile, it could be worn everyday.

Very unassuming, yet so lovely to look at -- kind of like the girl next door, in necklace form.

It includes extractions from bracelets, earrings and a Victorian buckle, which is the centerpiece.

It's a take-home-to-mom type of keeper -- the proverbial classic.

Signed Kay Adams, A1396
Lore Collection, $195, Sold


  1. Kay,

    I love the necklace! It was a wonderful Mother's day present from my husband!

    Thank you,

  2. YAY! I'm thrilled Sheila! He poked his head in the shop this morning and said you really loved it. Happy Mother's Day!!! :)