Frogs of a Feather


Yes, frogs of a feather leap together!
Michelle has got to be one of the cutest Anthillians ever.

She's a retro "purist" and every accessory of hers is always so full of vintage charm and personality.

You ought to have seen her handbag she came in with the other day. Pink, laminated flowers -- IT WAS ADORABLE.
Well -- I think we must be sisters from a past life -- 'cause I like just what she likes!!
Even these two pics coordinate taken miles and days apart -- but there you go -- those frogs of a feather leaping together!
Michelle also likes Kay necklaces, and this was her latest fun piece! And you won't BELIEVE the other piece she got last visit. I hope she sends me a picture of herself wearing it -- and if so, I'll blog on that later . . . . DEFINITELY STAY TUNED!!! (Hint -- can you say "Queen Bee?") 8*D


Signed Kay Adams, A1428
Blast Collection, Sold

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