Growing Cameos in My Poppies


I LOVE THIS PIECE! (that's a BIG surprise, huh?)

It's odd and COLORFUL and INTENSE.

It's soft and JOLTING all at the same time.

It's a proverbial study in contrasts and opposites.

I restored the old enamel poppy and made the circular pearl framed cameo.

There is a gracefully pale cameo trailing down from the poppy, along with peridot and amethyst stones. There's pearls and dangling green aurora borealis rhinestones tucked about.

And it all hangs from a menagerie of tumbled jades and green venetian glass.

What nice way to close out May!

P.S . -- I HIGHLY recommend growing some cameos in your summer garden!

Signed Kay Adams, A1442
Strike Collection, $195, Sold

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