Mother's Day is Upon Us!


The Ultimate Mother's Day Necklace.

And Mother's Day is just around the bend -- this Sunday -- May 10th!!

This rarity is made from 1930's-1940's gold-filled scripted wire and handcarved mother-of-pearl pins, each spelling out the word "Mother."

These used to be given as carnival prizes and sold by vendors at places such as Coney Island and the World's Fairs.

I've been collecting these for several years and finally had enough to pull this design off as I envisioned.

As the pinbacks were made from the same continuous piece of wire that spells out the word Mother on the front, each pinback was very strategically removed and the backside permanently secured.

Each former brooch was laid out diagonally and drilled, then linked with sparkling Swarovski crystal findings! YUM!!

One thing's for sure --

Mom will KNOW you LOVE her!

Signed Kay Adams, A1401
Lore Collection, $295

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