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Meet my great friends Phil, Nancy and Katie.

They have been Anthillians as far back as I can remember, and they are the kindest and most lively family you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Nancy is a recent breast cancer survivor, as are several other of our wonderful customers, AND my mother as well.

So, in honor of breast cancer awareness, I have made two necklaces in which half of the proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research.

Now let me tell you -- it wasn't easy coming up with a concept to make boobies out of vintage jewelry "stuffs," but I think somehow I've managed to pull it off.

The first one here is apparently modeled after my own cup size, or so my husband informed me after I completed it.

It's my personal take on the "pink ribbon," which are, in my vision, silver bows with pearls and pink venetian glass beads. Then delicate Swarovski screw-back earring bezels have been turned into graceful little pairs of boobies, also suspended from the pretty hand blown glass beads.

Actually quite attractive on, and very subliminal in it's message, although it is intended to create breast cancer awareness chatter.

So do just that -- with style and grace and pride.


Signed Kay Adams, A1449
Lux Collection, $195, (donated to Cure by Design 2009)

The second one is clearly not a boob size I'm directly familiar with.

It is made from the rose of a crocheted toilet seat cover from the 1950's, and several of Avon pink awareness ribbons (former lapel pins) that have been in circulation for quite a few years now.

It's dynamic and not as subliminal in it's message as the former.

Spread the awareness with an openness and wacky bit of humor, if that's your style!

Signed Kay Adams, A1450
Strike Collection, $195

Proceeds to be donated.

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