What a fantastic, eclectic sense of style.

Beautiful Connie came into Anthill the other day and instantly eyed the Kay pieces.

She seemed especially drawn to the ones with unexpected collections of like items.

She came close to getting a tiebar collage, but when it was said and done, this Alpine collage was the winner.

I told her how I had to collect these over a period of about three year to have enough to pull off the design aesthetically.

Then she liked it even better!

These are souvenir pins and hat pins that were often sold to tourists in Germany and Switzerland.

The designs usually include a pickaxe and sometimes rope -- for rock and mountain climbing (in the Alps, you know!!).

Sometimes the pins will have the edelweiss flower represented -- a national flower used in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany!

Also seen are the famous style Alpine hats, sometimes a Swiss cowbell, sometimes the country's flag.

They all have a similar feel, but each is unique in it's motif and personality.

It's so awesome that collaging them together can bring appreciation to their story, their detail, and their heritage!

Not to mention that it looks so freekin' cool!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1247
Lore Collection, Sold

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