Denise Richards in Anthill?


Ok -- Marjorie is gonna kill me for that title, but I SWEAR she looks like Denise Richards.

If she wanted a second career, she could go to Hollywood and be her stand-in.

But she doesn't need to do that -- she's got too good a gig here.

She's the brains and webmaster behind the highly regarded website that lists historic properties (translation -- often mansions) for sale from all over the world.

Her site's testimonial page is staggering. Old home buffs don't know where they'd be without her.

And did I happen to mention she's got AMAZING taste in necklaces?

Here's a FANTASTIC all sterling number she got some time ago.

It's a signed Armani base with some of the most fabulous 1960's signed former earrings I've ever collected -- mostly Eames era, vintage Taxco, even Spratling style pieces.

Oh yes -- Marjorie knows the good stuff!!

In both homes and in jewelry!!

Signed Kay Adams, A0252
Lore Collection, Sold

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