Earth Angels


This is my girl Kim Schmidt.

In fact she's the city's girl. EVERYBODY adores Kim.

She has one of the kindest souls and spirits I have ever, EVER encountered.

I've been known to call her "DB" -- short for day-brightener, earth angel, Mother Teresa's daughter -- you get the picture.

Well, Kim's good friend Lisa has been going through breast cancer, and it's been a rough haul. And Kim has been there for her every step of the way.

Among so many other things, Kim is a excellent photographer and she's been doing many tribute and awareness photos on flickr in honor of Lisa.

Well, to thank her, Lisa knew Kim liked this necklace and called me unbeknownst to Kim and had me present it to her with a heartwarming thank you note.

Kim was clearly, clearly moved.

Kim and Lisa -- you are amazing peeps.

The world needs more like you.

Love you both.

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