Betty Boop Ain't Got Nothing on YOU


LOOK! I made a digital painting of my friend Ann!!

Ain't it cute???

Here she's modeling her latest and greatest Kay necklaces -- glopped together as I encourage people to do!

It makes 'em look all wild and wooly, like umkempt hair -- then if you want to look refined, you can wear one at a time or even ONE ELEMENT at a time --

VERSATILITY BABY -- like VARIETY -- is the spice of life!! (not recommended in the spousal department, btw, if you prefer your marriage to last).

Thanks Annie -- but don't get your gun and shoot me. I think this picture is ADORABLE -- AND I think it should be your new facebook profile pic -- I'm just sayin'. . . .

Signed Kay Adams, A1471, A1475
Lux & Lore Collections, Sold

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