Three Cheers for JOEY!


How 'bout that Joey?
Ain't she cool?
Wears them jools that make 'em drool!
Put on a necklace,
Put on a ring,
Come on Joey, DO YOUR THING!

Well, at least one cheer anyway --I don't know if I can remember three!! . . . and I think the words to the above one just changed a bit . . .

Joey and I used to be cheerleaders at Hermitage High School. Gooooo PANTHERS!

Recently Joey was in Anthill and for kicks she brought her cheering outfit from back in the day. It was so tiny!!

WHAT A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE! We weren't as big as a bump on a log. Heck! We weren't as big as a flea on a fly on a bump on a log!!

It was great fun seeing you, Joey! You haven't changed a bit!

Love your necklaces!!!

Great taste in schools and jools! YEEHA!!!

Can you pick us out??

Signed Kay Adams, A1246, A1093
Strike & Joy Collections, Sold

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