This Tucker Tiger HAS SPIRIT!!

Everytime she comes into the shop I'm 17 again.

She's always excited and happy and ready to create!
(Like me -- only I'm obviously light years from 17, dang it!!)

She loves her jewels, she knows her style and she can make visions happen. 

See, recently she has gotten into designing her own necklaces at Anthill right on the spot.

She chooses a necklace chain, then she picks out little treasures -- a key, a tiebar, a scrabble tile, a crystal, a locket, etc. and we string these nostalgic bits and pieces into a custom, made-for-Rachael-masterpiece just like you would do "build-a-bear" -- only we've done "build-a-necklace".

Now call me biased, but I'd build jewels over bears anyday!!  In this photo Rachael's wearing a multi-chain extravaganza that she knew she had to have the moment she laid her eyes on it. And truly -- Rachael knows when it's right!

I've got visions of a drama necklace, Rachael -- stay tuned!!

And you keep on keeping me young, and I'll keep on keeping you be-jeweled! :))

Hi to your Mom --

Signed Kay Adams, A1046
Juice Collection, Sold

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