Sylvia's Whisper


The lovely lady who bought this necklace came into Anthill today.

There was something about this necklace that you couldn't put your finger on, but it was -- and still is -- just beguiling.

I'm sorry I missed you Sylvia.  Teresa said you looked absolutely radiant.  You ALWAYS do.

Your visit got me to thinking about special you and this wonderful necklace. So I've officially named it after you -- Sylvia's Whisper -- not that you whisper -- in fact your laugh is down right robust and infectious-- but the necklace looks "whispery."

Hey -- but you just tell me if you want it to be named "Sylvia's Contagiously Robust and Fabulous Laugh," and I will rewrite blog-title history!

Signed Kay Adams, A0160
Strike Collection, Sold

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