Think Serious Pink


A lovely friend is having a rough go with breast cancer.

Breast cancer claimed my high school friend, Peaches, when she was only 36.

My mother has survived breast cancer.

Our dear friend Nancy is currently in remission from breast cancer.

My friend Betty has been breast cancer free for over 5 years.

My grandmother died from breast cancer.

Please Think Pink.

The above necklace is available for making a $100 donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which I will match.

If you are a survivor, and interested in spreading awareness through this artfully interpreted conversation-starting necklace (made from former Avon pink enamel ribbon lapel pins, vintage pink venetian beads and a 1950's crocheted toilet-seat-cover rose), please contact me.  Together our efforts can help in a small way towards one day eradicating this entirely too rampant disease.

Godspeed Lisa. We are all thinking of you. ♥
And thank you Kim for keeping us all aware.  You are a remarkable friend.


  1. I am really touched, my talented friend. I am amused by the toilet seat cover rose!

  2. Thank you Kay for your Creativity for the Cure! :-) Love you!
    Hugs, hugs, hugs,
    Kim :-)

  3. Oh thank you to both of you -- Lisa -- just so very glad to be able to contribute in some way.

    Love and huge hugs to you both --


  4. this is gorgeous! thanks to Kim I've been introduced to your beautiful work!!! what a nice dedication and for a good cause :) *love*