'Watch'in' That Bracelet . . .


and PLAYING IN THE JOOLS!  Always! :))

Amy is also a jewelry designer and I've seen her come up with some beautiful ideas messing around with all the fodder at Anthill. 

On the visit before last she got an awesome long strand of retro faceted black and weathered clear lucite beads which she paired with a gorgeous vintage cameo pin she was going to use as an enhancer of sorts.  It was sooo attractive!

And this past visit and in this picture, she got a kickin' little watch number that I've blogged on in the past . . . four great watch faces, known in these parts as, "Watch. Watch. Watch. Rolex".

Enjoy Amy!!

I've got horses on the necklace makin' horizon, so come by soon!

Signed Kay Adams, B0709
Toc Collection, Sold

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