When I Grow Up


When I grow up, I want to be just like Elizabeth.

Completely full of SPUNK and PERSONALITY -- with Elizabeth age is not a factor -- embracing LIFE IS!!!

She always looks awesome in her Kay pieces (even if I can't take a focused picture), and this was her latest for her birthday!!!

And might I mention that Elizabeth has ONE TALENTED DAUGHTER, Carla, who does with fabric the same kind of thing I do with jewels -- TRANSFORMS THEM INTO MAGIC!

I have to share with you a blurb from a site that sells Carla's doll and children's patterns that she creates:

"Carla Hegeman Crim, aka the 'Scientific Seamstress' is a molecular biologist turned mom and patternmaker. Her eBooks are written in a clear, logical manner with extreme attention to detail…just like science protocols!"

Yes, her daughter has a PhD in Molecular Biology, but it is so lucky for the sewing world that she found her life's second calling PhD'ing the sewing machine.  CHECK HER OUT!!!

You know I always love seeing you Elizabeth.  Thank you so much for being a fan of my work.  Your zest for life, not unlike that of my mom's, completely inspires me!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1623
Lux Collection, Sold

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