Life on the GO!!


Kathy KNOWS how to MULTI-TASK!

I love those TCB types -- so completely opposite of me ---

And when Kathy and her friend Mary came into Anthill a little while back, we had a FUN time -- a LIVELY duo they are!!

They are both CAbi consultants -- you know, where DESIGNER CLOTHING comes to YOU  -- at YOUR house!  If you've never heard about it, you should!!  And get Kathy or Mary to host your clothing party -- YOU WON'T BE SORRY -- and YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED!!

Kathy picked out the coolest Kay necklace which had an old logo chandelier crystal in the middle and two *empty* vintage watch cases on each side of it.  Kathy's a rivah girl, and I told her to bring me some rivah sand and I'd fill the watch cases up with sand and pebbles from

 the place her and her family love to go.  So that we did!  Now her necklace isn't only nostalgic and unique -- it's completely meaningful TO HER!  Love it!!

In this photo, I told her just to glop it on with her own beads and just watch the collage magic happen.  So that she did!!

Three cheers for Kathy and Mary too! 

Signed Kay Adams, A1431
Lore Collection, Sold

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